Woman in the Window

A Haunting Time Travel


Date | 2022 - The Past
Location | Phoenix, AZ


Just last year we had moved into a home right where Phoenix meets Avondale. This area has tons of construction projects going on from shopping malls to apartments being built. It’s a nightmare area to live in right now, so we only stayed the year and left.

The women in my family are sensitives, and we could feel there was something up about this home but it didn’t feel haunted. Nevertheless, I did a lot of prayer and cleansing of the home before we moved in.

As far as activity, it didn’t happen often. However, what we did encounter my mother and I agreed that it didn’t feel like a restless spirit or intelligent entity. It felt like memories.

My mom would see someone walking down the hall.. My youngest son told me his eyes were going crazy when he saw someone walk into a room through a closed door.. My husband, who is quite the skeptic, once saw someone standing in our living room in the middle of the night..

Now, as for me, my encounters are quite different.
One night, I woke up and could hear a woman singing. It sounded as if it was coming from an old timey radio. I could hear enough that I believed she was singing in Spanish. However, the sound was too fuzzy to make out any words.
I sleep with a white noise machine on and I know at times your brain can try to make sense of the white noise and you’ll hear more audible sounds. When this happens to me, if I shift my head, that audible sound will turn into white noise again. However, this night, no matter how I shifted, I could still hear the woman singing. Although now, it sounded as if the song was over and someone was talking in Spanish. I shook my husband awake and asked if he could hear that. In a sleepy haze, he looked confused, so I asked again, and at that exact moment the voices stopped. I decide to just roll over and try to go back to sleep.

On another night, some time later, I wake up to another voice. This time it’s a man talking very excitedly. He’s laughing and speaking Spanish just like the last time. And just like the last time it sounds like it’s coming from an old timey radio.
I lay there for a moment thinking it will go away, but this voice is much louder than the last one. Now I’m thinking someone must be in the house. I shake my husband awake and tell him to check the house, โ€œI hear someone!โ€ He tells me โ€œI donโ€™t hear anything!โ€ and gets irritated that he now needs to get out of bed.

After he exits the room, I can still hear the man talking and laughing. I think my husband is never going to find him – he doesn’t even hear him! In that moment, I jump out of bed to find my husband and help him search the house. However, when I exit the bedroom I can feel this sudden shift in energy and the voice is gone. That’s when I realize how electrically charged our bedroom felt because the energy just outside the door is so light!

It reminded me of when I used a broken vacuum at work. I turned it on and immediately turned it off because I could feel an electrical current running through me. My coworker even laughed and said my hair was standing on end. THIS is what my bedroom felt like when I could hear these voices.

One night, I had a dream that I woke up in bed. I was drawn to the door that was to the left of my bed and it led to the backyard. I pulled back the curtain that hung over the door and looked out. However, I didn’t see the backyard. I saw one of my younger sisters playing with our old dog in a very dirty bedroom. She sees me and gets up very slowly with fear in her eyes. She won’t take her eyes off me. Suddenly, I wake up in bed and I know that I was looking into our old house we lived in between 2002-2004. That house was haunted and my younger sisters would experience a silhouette press up against their bedroom window that faced the backyard from time to time.

This dream seemed so crazy and real to me, I kept thinking about it the next day. This may seem like just a weird dream but then I remembered a very distinct encounter I had in that old house.

I was home alone in the den, and the den opened up to the living room. I am ironing clothes when I look up and there’s an apparition of a woman standing in the living room. She has short dark hair, a dark tee-shirt on and blue jeans. I can’t make out facial features because there’s a black glow radiating from her eyes and it’s frayed edges are covering most of her face.

I get mad that she’s there and ask her, “What do you want?” She doesn’t reply. She doesn’t even move. She’s just staring at me. I decide to just ignore her until she goes away which she does.

Fast forward back to the present, and I realize, that woman looked a lot like me as i look now now. I just recently read Paul Eno’s book “Dancing Past The Grave”. I don’t agree with everything he claims about the paranormal, but when it comes to his “cross-brane” theory of overlapping parallel worlds, it starts to piece together what I experienced. What if I was the thing haunting our old home from the single year I lived in a house that was clearly an intersect point?

I know this sounds crazy, which is why I chose to tell YOU GUYS the story because I don’t know any other paranormal podcast who is as educated in the paranormal or as open-minded as the Belief Hole.

Hopefully you find this story interesting!


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