Whispers, Blood, and Standard Ghostly Stories

They Come at Night


Date | 2018
Location | Southern Utah


Hey all! I’ve been dying to share a few things that happened to me a few years ago, in an old apartment I lived in. Ever since I moved in, the place had an odd feeling. Almost dark, or evil. I felt like I was being watched constantly, and just thought it was paranoia from living away from my parents for the first time. However, within the first few weeks I started seeing and hearing things. I came home from work one day to see an outline of a tall, burly man sitting on the end of my bed, which disappeared when I yelled and turned on the light. All through that same week I would hear people talking at night outside of my bedroom door, sometimes mentioning me by name. Once I even witnessed my door knob attempting to unlock itself.

More standard-spook-shit would happen, doors opening themselves, chair rocking itself, strange noises at night, etc. Once I got a roommate, things seemed to get a little worse too. He would burn incense for an air freshener, and one time he shakily called for me to come see something. When he was dumping ashes from the tray, blood poured from the hole. He thought I was playing a joke on him. We were terrified. I ended up moving a couple months later. I couldn’t handle it. 

Sorry for the standard ghostly stories, I just have nobody to share them with, as nobody believes me, except for my old roommate, of course. 

Love the show guys, thanks!

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