Denver Airport Conspiracy - Underground Bases - Dulce

2.5 | Van Meter Visitor and Flying Humanoids

For many, the term ‘turn of the century’ conjures images of frontier adventures, soot-chocked smoke stacks, or train tracks pointing toward westward expansion. But here in the Belief Hole, our attention is focused on the stranger side – tall (but perhaps true) tales of cowboys in a shoot-out with flying monsters, midwestern towns visited by strange, winged, flashlight-faced creatures, and cave dwelling, dirt digging dinosaurs from the inner earth.

Also.. Big Blinking Birds, Snallygaster Strangeness, and Melatonin Nightmares

2.5 |Expansion Episode | Snallygaster and other Bizarre



10:30 | Underground Cryptid Migration Theory
12:51 | Melatonin Nightmares – Nachtmahr Lore
21:45 | Van Meter Visitor Introduction
24:45 | Van Meter Monster – Shoot-Out
36:30 | Spring Heel Jack
38:56 | Snallygaster Description
40:00 | Dinosaurs survived KT Extinction event by digging underground
44:30 | string into promo bit – caves, mine shafts drop waking something up
45:45 | Native American Thunderbirds and Flying Creatures
50:24 | Patreon Preview – Snallygaster
56:19 | Tombstone Epitaph – Cowboys Chase Dragon/ Dinosaur
1:03:41 | Shannon’s story – Norhtfield Ohio, Big Bird Encounter
1:07:41 | Maddie’s story – Lebanon Ohio, Big Bird Story
1:09:20 | Fort Ancient, Mysterious Earthwork | Lebanon, OH near creature sighting
1:12:40 | Freedom Demon, Ravenna, Ohio
1:14:18 | Humanoid Creature Migration – Michigan story
1:17:43 | Patreon stinger – Marsha
1:24:00 | Patreon names, thank you all!


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