From age 12-18 my family lived in a house near the end of a cul-de-sac in Edinburg Texas. The name of the street was Siesta Drive.
This street had to have been one of those places where the veil was thin. A paranormal hot spot.
Across the street, one house up was old man who would sit outside at night and would tell anyone who would listen that he would see little gnomes walking down our street. Across the street and one house down, the occupants youngest son, had an imaginary friend that he said lived in the ceiling. One time when they were gone on vacation for a few days, their neighbor swore they saw the youngest boy in the window and called them, afraid they had left their son behind. Soon after the occupants of that house moved away. There’s more to this story, but I’m just setting up what kind of things happened on this street.
There were nights that we would hear what sounded like a fisher price Corn popper moving down the street. But the streets were empty.
On one night we heard a loud boom and saw a bright light about roof high, shoot from the end of the street to the entrance. everyone of our neighbors rushed out to see what it was. The Boom rattled everyone’s house.
Ok, so now that you know how weird this street was, on to my story.

I was about 16 years old, and I had a black chow mix, named Bear. I named him that because he looked like a little bear cub when I picked him out of the litter. I’d had him for almost 3 years by this point. I’d play foot ball with him and wrestle him. Take him out to nearby wooded area and unleash him to chase rabbits. We were pretty close. He was the family dog, but really he was my dog.
I’m not one who remembers my dreams very often. I usually just remember the creepy ones. One night I had one of those dreams. On cool nights I’d sleep with my window open. my head facing the window. In my dream I woke up because I heard Bear barking. I looked up out the window and it wasn’t night, but not exactly day either. It was like an overcast grey kind of lighting. There was lots of fog in the air. My window faced the backyard. We had a chain link fence between our yard and the alley that ran behind our houses. I saw the silhouette of a woman wearing a dark hooded cape or robe. I could see the skin of her forearms. It was a very pale white color. Bear was barking and barking at her. In my dream I was now outside and I took a few steps toward her. She was now turned towards me, her hood still hiding her face. I don’t know why I said what I said, but this is what I said, “I know who you are. and I’m not afraid of you.” She then looked up and her face was skeletal. she put her hands in what must have been pockets in the cape or robe and turned to continue down the alley. as she continued she pulled the her pockets inside out and seemingly cover her self in shadow and disappeared.
When I woke up Bear was laying right beneath my window. I smiled thought to myself. “Good boy”.
I don’t know what that thing was. It looked like a female grim reaper. I just know Bear had my back. I’d go on to dream Bear even after he died 10 years later. Like he would wait for me in my dreams and I’d play with him and pet him there.

Jon, I’m sorry for your loss. It hurts when we lose a friend. Even the four legged variety. Stay strong.

You guys are the best. Keep doing what you do and stay spooky!

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