So my father had a three year old Rottweiler named Ruby. My father loved this dog , and she loved him. She would know when he was coming home. Like she could since that he was going to be home shortly. She would wait at the front window whining and pacing back and forth until he pulled into the driveway. Never failed Ruby always knew when he was going to be home. My father at 57 suddenly passed away from a heart attack. It was the worst day of my life. . I felt so lost , and the only thing I could think of doing was going to his house to be with Ruby and to curl up in his bed. And cry. . When my husband and I arrived at his house we found Ruby already in my dad’s bed and she was whining like she already knew.. I crawled into bed with her and we had a good cry together. After laying in bed for a few hours with Ruby, I said” come on Ruby lets go outside to go potty” Ruby got up and she walked down the hall. At the end of the hall she turned into the bathroom. I followed her and said come on let’s go outside. Ruby then laid on the bathroom floor, peed, and died right in front of me. I was completely in shock. I bent over and started to shake her. .I called for my husband and ask him to double check for me. He said honey she’s gone. I could not even wrap my head around what I had just witnessed. My dad had past 8 hrs earlier, and then his dog just laid down and past. I ended up calling the coroner and telling him the story and asking him if he was sure that my dad had a heart attack or maybe him and his dog had ate something bad or something. That would answer why they past eight hours apart. He assured me that yes he past from a heart attack and this is more common then I would believe. He said it happens all the time, and he gets several calls just like this.. her bond and love for my dad was so strong that she wanted to go with him.
Thank for the listen.
Wendy zapfe

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