In 2015 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, it was benign but caused a lot of neurological issues. Shortly after my diagnosis we adopted a very sick little puppy we named Renegade, Renny for short. About a week after we brought her home, she would sleep by my head, constantly nuzzling or licking the right side of my face/head (my tumor was in the right side of my brain). I get migraines and have fibromyalgia. I swear she has a sixth sense when it comes to my chronic pain. She will lick spots that hurt, she will lick my face on the side of my head that hurts. If I have a left sided migraine, she will lick the left side of my face. She will lay on my legs when I’m in a fibro flare. When I have a bad migraine, she will not leave my side. Renny has never been trained, for her it’s just an instinct- or a link we have- that she follows. I hear a lot of people talk about having soul dogs, having that soul deep connection to your dog. I think Renny is my soul dog. I can’t explain this connection any other way.

*Side note just to the brothers:
I don’t know if this is what you all meant by animal stories, but I’ve often sat and wondered how does she know? How do animals of all kinds seemingly just know when things are going to happen?

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