Under the Bed

A Reoccurring Nightmare Comes to Fruition


Abi Bernard
Date | 9-10 years of age (not sure of date)
Location | Childhood Home


I’ve had this recurring dream frequently for the past 9-10 years. The dream takes place at my childhood home where I’m walking down the hallway looking for my father (as my parents were divorced). There’s four doors in the hallway, one immediately on your left to the basement, one on the right to the bathroom, another on the left to the master bedroom and one at the very end of the hallway that was my bedroom. 

Suddenly, the basement door swings open, and this woman in tattered clothing comes out. I immediately feel threatened and I’m trying to run down the hallway, but being in a dream state, I can barely run. My father (or what looks like him) opens the master bedroom door and the smell of rotting corpse flesh was so apparent. They grab me, and that’s where the dream always ends. 

One specific time, my father and I had gone back to my childhood home late at night due to him and my step mother getting into an argument. The house had no heat at the time so we slept in the master bedroom together with our winter jackets on. I had woken up from having that specific dream and went to get up because, being a child, I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. As I got up and set my feet on the ground at the edge of the bed, something with long dark arms and fingers grabbed both my ankles and tried to pull me under. I struggled and broke free and ran to the living room where I sat for the rest of the night. I haven’t had any other experience with this long armed creature.


Abi says she never mentioned  anything about the incident to her dad because she says he’s is a “super skeptical kinda guy.” when asked about other family members experiences, she had this to say, I know that my whole family always heard weird things knocking and like someone was walking around in our basement.*

Abi also went on to say that her family had a ton of experiences in that house, “the main ones being when my brother and dad left just to go to the store and they came back and the bathroom sink and kitchen sink were on full blast. Another time was the cabinets being opened constantly.”

A significant point was brought up that may have some bearing on the paranormal activity. When I asked Abi about the history of the house, she had this to say, *I do know that before we lived there, the previous owner’s husband had either committed suicide in the driveway, or in the upstairs bedroom.”



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