Twitching and Tapping

A Hand Comes At Night


Jade Fingland
Date | Middle of the night
Location | Glasgow, Scotland


It was October 31, and my first Halloween in my very own grown up house. My partner and I had moved in two months before and we were nicely settled.

Around two or 3 AM, I woke up, rolled over to check the time, and froze completely as I saw something scuttle across the window ledge, just behind the blinds. At first, I thought maybe I was seeing things, still half asleep or maybe I’d eaten some dodgy food and it was messing with me, but then I started to hear it. A soft, barely there, tap tap tap. My eyes were glued to the shadow of it, and I started to think maybe it was a rat that had gotten in the window. I was about to shake my partner awake for back up, when a car drove by outside, and the headlights passed over it and I saw…it wasn’t a rat. It was much, much worse.

A hand. There was a f***ing hand, apparently cut off from the wrist, twitching and tapping its fingers on my window ledge! This was apparently too much for even my whacko mind, because I slowly lay back down and pulled the blanket up over my head like a little kid! I found my partner, Adams, hand, and started to shake him frantically. When he finally woke up, and asked groggily what was wrong, my brain must have been misfiring out of pure panic, because all I could think to say was “THERE’S A HAND ON THE WINDOW, TAPPING OUT A TUNE!”

I have ZERO clue why those words, but give me a break, it’s not every day a freako hand appears in your bedroom! Adam was silent, then he rolled back over and muttered “see you, and your bloody weirdass dreams! Go back to sleep for f*** sake!” Surprisingly, I did without any issue. I think my mind just gave up the ghost. Pun intended.

I know this story is crazy, but I swear it happened, and I never told anyone about it until I was listening to your episodes and learned that other people had also seen this thing!

Anyway, that’s my story. I love your show, and Jeremy is my favourite!

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