A TSA officer gets caught in a monk's temporal slipstream


AJ Johnson
Date | Summer 2015
Location | Lambert International Airport | St. Louis Missouri


During the summer of 2015 I was at work performing my duties with my co-worker Rich. We had been working for some time and ready for a break, so we both headed to the break room when we noticed a passenger was having issues figuring out where to go for their flight. I began talking to the passenger and quickly realized that they did not speak English. The passenger appeared to be a monk dressed in a traditional shawl that was yellow in color. I made hand gestures for the Monk-passenger to follow me and he did so. I walked him out of security and past a family that was holding up three colorful cardboard signs that had ‘Welcome Home Jennifer’ written on them (Welcome on one, Home on the other, and Jennifer on the third).
The next thing I know I’m sitting in the security office by myself. My co-worker Rich comes rushing into the office and asks me where the hell I’ve been. I ask him what he means and he proceeds to tell me that when I started to walk the Monk-passenger out of security he was trailing behind us. Rich goes on to say that when I rounded the corner he was still behind me but I was just out of view. He then said that when he rounded the corner I was gone and so was the Monk-passenger. I told him I didn’t remember what had happened and then he said that we could find out. We went to the ticket checker, the only person who checks people into the checkpoint, and asked if they had seen me or the Monk-passenger come through in the last half an hour. The ticket checker then says that they had not seen nor the passenger at all that day.

The rest of the day went on as usual. But that night while driving home I had another ‘incident’. It usually takes me 1 ½ hours to drive home from work. I remember leaving work but I don’t remember the drive home. When I looked at the clock in my car it said the trip from work only took 40 total minutes. That is physically impossible. I don’t know what happened or what was going on, but something just felt off, and it still feels that way. That’s my story.

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