Transylvanian Time Slip

A Strange White Light Leads to Missing Time and Injuries


Date | Around 2015
Location | Romania, small town in the plains of Transylvania


It was a hot summer night, around 8 years ago. I was living inside an apartment with my parents on the 4th floor of a soviet residential building. I had just finished 8th grade in June and had 3 months of summer vacation all to myself before starting high school. Around early July, during a regular day, I had been playing video games all night in my room. My parents were already fast asleep because they had to get up for work. I looked at the clock on my computer screen and it was 2 AM, so I felt a little bad. Despite the fact that I went to sleep at around 3 or 4 in the morning everyday, this night I felt a little guilty and decided to go to bed earlier.

I quit the game, shut off the computer and just sat in my chair. The room was now silent and dark but the window curtains were out to the side, and as my eyes adjusted, I saw this beautiful bright summer sky full of stars and a full moon. My room was pretty well illuminated by the natural light and the darkness had this beautiful blue tinge. I vividly remember standing up from my chair and beginning to take steps towards the bed. I looked out towards the window one last time as I was walking, and suddenly, I was hit with this extremely bright white light. The light was not a lack of vision, as though I had gone blind, but it was a physical light coming from outside my window. I could no longer see any details outside except for a very opaque flat white color shining light rays into my room. As an instinct, I quickly moved my arm to shield my eyes from the light. Then, I blinked. When I opened my eyes, a mere half second later, I was no longer standing up. I was now laying on my back, tucked in my bed with my blanket neatly placed over me, without any folds or signs that I had moved.

I quickly jolted up from the bed in shock. Was this a dream? I wasn’t tired nor felt as if I slept at all.. Infact, I felt as if nothing happened… I don’t remember getting into bed or falling asleep. It felt as if I had teleported. I didn’t suddenly wake up, I was already awake, I’m just in a different place now. I was standing up one second, and through a mere blink, I found myself in a totally different place and orientation, now staring up towards the ceiling. How could this happen? The mysterious white light was now gone after that blink and the sky was visible through my window. The whole event lasted maybe 1 or 2 seconds. I had almost no time at all to process what was happening in the moment.

I started looking around my room for any clues as to what took place. I picked up my phone and saw that the time was now 5:30 AM, meaning that three and a half hours had passed in the span of… two seconds? More than this, my arms and fingers had small scratches on them which were bleeding and starting to scab, which I didn’t have before. The type of scratches one would get by trying to walk through thick dry bushes out in the wild. They all healed the next week.

This experience baffles me to this day. I don’t know if it was an alien abduction, a sort of time skip event, if I slipped into an alternate universe or something more explainable. I still do not remember anything between the time when the light shined into my room and when I jolted out of the bed. From my point of view, it all lasted a second or two.

P.S.: The image I have attached is a screenshot from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This frame seems to match the way the light looked most closely. In Fact, it was almost identical, except without a blue tinge, just the purest white you can imagine.

Transylvania Time Slip - Strange Listener Story - Belief Hole Podcast

Love your podcast guys, I always listen to it when I can! The mysteries of the world we live in make it much more interesting to explore and helps one challenge their concepts of reality and of what is possible.

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