They Come at Night

A couple visiting West Virginia experience a home envision from the ‘other side’


Jorge & Chrisanna Eran

Date Submitted
| 5•13•2020
Location | West Virginia


My wife’s dad lives in West Virginia and we often visit him. One time a few days before the visit, instead of staying at a hotel, he suggested we stayed at a house he was flipping. We agreed and drove there and he cooked us dinner. As the sun was setting he collected his things and bid us goodnight. Now at that time he was involved in local music and concert promotion and he had two very expensive music boards in this house. When we got there, a friend of his had been there checking on one of the boards. He left shortly after we arrived. This is an important detail for what follows later.

We took a shower and got ready for bed. There wasn’t a TV and we were pretty tired. My wife was in the bathroom blow drying her hair and I walked to the kitchen.. because I felt somebody was looking through the kitchen window. This feeling was so strong that I even started talking to it. I felt it was my father in law’s friend from earlier. I thought maybe he forgot something.

“I’m coming” I said and walked to the kitchen but there was nobody at that window. Then I thought he had walked to the front door so I hurried there and again I said “I’m coming”, but when I opened the door there was nobody there. Weird, I thought.
So I walked back to the bathroom to tell my wife and she turned and looked at me with a curious look. She asked where I came from. I told her the kitchen. Then she said that I had just gone by the bathroom towards the bedroom. Impossible because I was in the kitchen. So I ran to the bedroom and there was nobody there. I checked under the bed, the closets. Nothing.

She swore that she had seen a man walk towards the bathroom out of the corner of her eye. So now we’re in the bedroom and I told her what I felt. The feeling I had, continued to grow. It was a big feeling of dread. An imminent dread that something bad was going to happen. Now the room we were in had been painted green and the lamp’s light was very weak. So I brought in two more lamps from the living room and plugged them in. The lights would dim slowly to the point that the room was dark. This didn’t help alleviate the feeling I had.

I turned to my wife and asked her: “does your father have any enemies?” She looked puzzled but replied, probably..he has been involved with local businesses all his life so maybe there could be..why? She asked.

“Because I have a very strong feeling, something is waiting for us to go to sleep and then they’re gonna come and get us” these were the words I utter in growing fear.
She admitted she was a bit freaked out and asked me again about that person she had seen walking past her. We agreed we would go to her grandmother’s house for the night. Her dad was staying there and I asked her to please don’t tell him what I felt. I was afraid he would think me a coward.

We got dressed and left. On the way out I turned on every light and had to turn them off as I walked out. We drove to her grandmother’s home and surprised her dad. He was strumming his guitar and watching an old tv western.

I immediately blurted out exactly why we left the house. My wife gave me this look. The cat was out of the bag. His daughter had married a gutless twit.
But he sat back and pondered it for a bit. Then he asked my wife if that was true, and she agreed and retold the night’s events. Then he suddenly blurted out. “Well, me too! When the sun goes down I gotta get the hell out of that place!!” He went on to tell us he had felt the same feeling and that the people that were helping him flip the house also left when the sun went down and that they felt uneasy in that house!!
So my wife confronted him and he said he thought it was only him and the workers.

We stayed at her grandmother’s house for the rest of the trip. Eventually he had to get the local priest to bless the house. He claims that worked but we dare not set foot in that house again to check if it did.

Jorge & Chrisanna Eran
Gainesville. Florida


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