The Woman in White

An Unexpected Encounter Halloween Night


Date | Early 1990s
Location | Florida


On a Halloween night in the early 1990s, when I was about 5 years old, my friend and I transformed our hallway into a haunted house. We festooned the walls with hand-drawn ghost cutouts and used a blanket as the entrance. Immersed in our pretend haunted ride, we would crawl through this eerie passage, only to be stopped by the sight of my older sister’s open bedroom door.

In the dim light, a tall figure in a flowing white gown emerged. She had long black hair, and as she spun gracefully, almost floating in zero gravity, her dress and hair seemed to dance with her. When she turned and met our gaze with her pale white face and dark black eyes, time seemed to freeze. Terrified, we scrambled back to the living room. My sister, seeing our distress, comforted us, insisting ghosts weren’t real.

I still vividly remember that night. Was it a child’s imagination, a screen memory masking a more troubling event, or a genuine encounter? I often wish I could reconnect with that childhood friend to corroborate our shared experience.

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