The Shiny Man and Spiritual Warfare

Protectors in the Light


Date | 1995
Location | Webster, Wisconsin


I don’t know my exact age, but I was around 4 or 5. For several nights in a row, I kept having terrifying dreams and sleep paralysis that I still remember to this day. I had dreams of demon-like creatures sitting on my chest, inches from my face and I couldn’t move or scream. I was completely frozen. I would finally wake from these dreams and begin screaming and crying for my mom. After several nights of this, I woke crying and screaming again, but looked up to a glowing light-filled man in white robes and flowing hair that appeared and stood over my bed. I instantly felt total peace and joy. It was like he was filled with sunshine – that’s what my 5 year old mind thought. He spoke to me and sang to me without moving his lips and I could hear his voice in my head. It was in some language I didn’t know, but was somehow able to understand. He was comforting me and telling me I was safe.

I always had this vivid memory in my mind and as I grew up I didn’t know if I was just making it up or not. Fast forward decades later, my sister happened to be taking a class on spiritual warfare and she was talking to my mom about guardian angel experiences. My mom gasped and told my sister about the time I was having scary dreams as a little kid. When she went in to comfort me, apparently I had said, “It’s okay mom, the shiny man is here.”

My mom got goosebumps and asked, “What shiny man?

The shiny man in the corner over there. He’s here to protect me.

I didn’t have another bad dream or sleep paralysis episode again after that night. And it was the proof I needed that my experience was real.

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