The Pool in the Orange Grove

A Redlands Haunting


I had a close friend whose family was very well off. They had several acres of land, with a good sized house. His parents were out of town for a few days, and my boyfriend and I decided we would come over and hang out. They could Goldeneye. And I could swim in the pool. Before this we had never stayed the night at his house.

We had fun. Played some video games. Talked about setting up a role-playing game. At the time we played D&D, and World of Darkness mainly. We just hung out. We didn’t drink, or do any drugs. We were all completely sober.

Well, the sun goes down and I decided I wanted to go for a swim. The guys weren’t down, so I went by myself.

I was having fun in the water. Diving in sometimes. Sometimes just floating about. Sometimes swimming around. Then, I began to feel uncomfortable. Like I was being watched. I chalked it up to paranoia. I was alone, in a pool, that was separate from the house, in the middle of an old orange grove, of course I was feeling paranoid. I swam around for a bit, but the feeling didn’t go away. I decided I was going to dive in again. 

I got out and jumped back in. The pool wasn’t very deep, probably around 10 feet on the deep end. My toes touched the bottom, like normal, and kicked off toward the surface. Then, I felt a hand grab my ankle! I kicked hard to surface fast. I then ran inside.


I told my friend. He acted all casual about it. He said, “The ghost usually doesn’t bother people”.

I was a bit freaked out at this point. I went to the half bath to change out of my swimsuit.

The half bath had a mirror along the wall opposite the door. The mirror was above the sink. On either side of the sink, along the ceiling were lights. One orb light on each side. While I was changing, I looked over at the mirror. I saw a head and two hands come out of the mirror. I quickly dressed and ran out of that room.

I headed into the sun room where the guys were. The back wall of the half bath was the main wall of the sun room. I again told my friend. He then told me about the wine cellar in the sun room.

The wine cellar in the sun room is directly behind the half bath. When his family moved in, there was a piano in the wine cellar. They had to have it dismantled to get it out.

At the time I considered myself a Wiccan. I pulled out a small stone out of my bag that I had put a protection spell on. That stone didn’t leave my hand all night. I also didn’t really sleep that night. I was quite happy to head home in the morning. I never went to his house without protection again. The ghost never bothered me after that.

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