The Old Man and the Black Thorn Cane

Wizard of Long Island


Date | 1997
Location | Long island


When I was around 7 years old I went to a school fundraiser. There was a man there that had a cane that I liked. I asked him what it was and he said “it’s a black thorn cane that only comes from Ireland. I asked him how I could get one and he said “it would be difficult.” This was before the internet amazon and all the online stores. So if you found something it usually was a rare find. Anyway, he told me that if I went to Ireland I would be able to find the hidden folk-if I knew what stones to look under. My mother saw me talking to a strange man by myself so she approached me to see what was going on.

He continued to tell the story about the hidden folk and that if I really wanted a blackthorn cane I would find one. My mother was not happy because she didn’t know how to get such a rare item, and this man kept saying I would receive one. Well we walked away from the man. And according to my mother the principal of the school asked her why she was just standing there talking. My mother said she was talking to the man from Ireland. And my principal at the time said no one was there, you were talking to the air.

My mother was taken aback. She said the guy was 6 feet tall. How didn’t you see him? Well, a few months later my mother said she was in a parking lot. It was pouring rain that day and a shopping cart came slamming into her car. She got out and in that shopping cart was a black thorn cane, a very unique looking one. As I got older I was a bit in disbelief and asked her if she just got it from the Irish store. She said she did not, oddly enough the ones in the Irish store at the time were very generic and looked nothing like the one I received.

So in my early 20s I was having a lot of sleep paralysis and strange experiences. I would leave the cane on my bed to ward off ghosts. Then, one day when I was 27, I was looking for the cane, but couldn’t find it anywhere. It had simply vanished. No one knew where it had gone and no one would have thrown it out. It just up and vanished. Similar things like this happened with Indonesians kriss daggers and other strange items.

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