The Halloween Girl

Rescued by A Phantom that Haunts me Every Halloween


I’ve never really considered sharing this before, because it’s just such an unbelievably supernaturally stereotypical sounding story that I thought I would just get laughed at, or worse. But I have in fact shared it with my wife and kids, young adults now. This is one of my first encounters and keeping within the theme of Halloween it’s only fitting that it takes place on Halloween night 1983.

My family and I originally lived in Guatemala and came to live in the United States Fairfield California in 1981, however my very first Halloween wasn’t until 1983, by this time my older brother and I could speak English well enough to make friends and started to mingle with the US cultures and, one of my brothers close friend Mike, introduced us to Heavy Metal and all things rock, he was also a big fan of horror movies, I remember seeing “ Salems Lot “for the first time that scene where the kids vampire brother hovered from the fog towards the window asking to be let in… I had nightmares for days!. Anyway Mike was very excited to take us to our first Trick or Treat night and knew the right place to do so, and that they were handing out full size candy bars, but we had to hop a fence because it was in a gated community housing (rich people housing) , at this time my family was not in the best financial situation, and we always had to make the best of what was provided for us, which meant shopping at second hand stores, and K-mart, Mike was nice enough to provide my brother with a cheap skull mask and i a red handkerchief and cowboy hat…his little sister cowgirl hat from the previous year lol, I didn’t care I was so exited at the prospect of full sized candy bars that I would have worn a ballerina skirt too lol.

Everything was going according to plan, we rode our bikes to the wall and climbed over, but as I was climbing I noticed that we weren’t the only ones with that plan , just a little down the wayside there were a small group of girls going inside through a fence board that had been loosened by the nearby tree roots growing close to the fence, before i jumped over the other side one of the girls waved at me and she seemed to have the same excited grin as I did, I waved back and jumped over, so our adventure began, boy he wasn’t kidding, full size chocolate bars , and at some houses they were giving out rolls of quarters, I was so excited filling up our pillow cases with so much candy, I was thinking to myself I love this country! , I think in all of my life I’ve never felt so patriotic lol, every so often I could see the group of girls giggling and running up to the next houses, and every time I would smile and wave to that girl,I noticed she wasn’t wearing any costume but just simply had a long sleeve jersey shirt with a flannel wrapped around her waist, she was blonde with her hair parted in the middle and her hair shoulder length and feathered back on the sides, ( I have her image in my mind as if it was yesterday).

So we came up on a house where the lights were out, except for a single large plastic Jack-o lantern with a flickering light placed at the footstep of the front door with a small sign that said “please take one”, we looked around and didn’t see any candy until my brother pointed out for us to look at the door. On the door was a long black sack that looked like a Christmas sock filled with full sized chocolates. At first we looked around to make sure nobody was looking, then we took a hand full and stuffed it in our sacks, this act of mischievous behavior made us laugh so hard that we couldn’t stop, they took off running, and before I started running after them , a most greedy thought came up and I pulled the entire black sack and took off running like a bat out of hell! Adrenaline pumping with excitement and fright of my delinquent action, and laughing, laughing so hard my eyes were red and watering so much I couldn’t couldn’t see clearly. And I just ran the direction that I could hear my brother and Mike laughing.

Then the sprinkler system started. I didn’t care, I just ran through the wet grass getting pummeled by the water, Then as I was catching up to them, my foot hit one of the sprinklers, the force and impact in which I hit the sprinkler totally cut through the shoelaces and the material underneath. I fell and rolled, the large sack and all the candies lay all over the ground. I quickly tried to get on my feet, but that’s when I realized the pain was terrible and I quickly fell back again, as I lay on the wet grass I was yelling calling for my brother and Mike but it seemed they weren’t anywhere near.

That is when I felt someone with longer arms and strong enough to pull me up by one arm, helped me up. When I looked I saw that it was her, that same girl I waved to, but she seemed taller and I wouldn’t have imagined her having that strength, she was talking to me but I couldn’t understand her, I remember it sounding like a girls voice mumbling through a tunnel, such a strange sound, and when I tried asking her anything she would just say shh! Shh! , she was taking me away from the direction my brother and Mike we’re heading, and even though I had only one good foot, I tried to steer correctly the direction I wanted to go, but she was too strong for me. And although she had one arm around my hip and the other arm over her shoulder holding that hand, I felt she could have just picked me up and tossed me over her shoulder, the only thing I could do is call out for my brother and Mike, I tried to get a good look at her but her hair was in the way, she didn’t look taller than me or bigger, I just decided to let her lead me on to where she was taking me. A few minutes later I saw she was heading towards the loose board on the fence wall , and as we were approaching it I could hear my brother and Mike calling for me, I figured they were already on the other side, so I called out and as we got to the loose board I was feeling lightheaded and felt like vomiting as I turned my head down to look away so I wouldn’t vomit on this girl I noticed a trail of blood that trailed from where we were coming from to my foot- I had been dripping blood.

That’s when I really felt scared. I started to lose my consciousness, probably from shock. The only thing I could feel was this girl pushing me through the fence and settling me down next to the tree. From that point on everything seemed to sound like I was inside a tunnel even hearing my brothers voice. The next thing I know, I was being put in an ambulance and waking up on the hospital bed with my foot stitched up. After all the commotion of the event settled down, I explained to everyone about this girl that helped me, but neither my brother nor Mike saw anyone with me. They found me lying next to the tree calling for help.

Now that event was the start, but ever since that time I see that same girl around town every October, every Halloween- always elusive. I’ve tried to go towards her but for some reason she’s always too far to reach or across the street , or when I would look out the window I’ll see her in a passing car, and only around this time of the year. That is until 1989, but that’s another story.
I may never know who or what this girl was, but I’m forever thankful, and I hope she finds peace. let me know, if you are interested In hearing my other encounters, this may be the place I can let these experiences out.


On a side note, in retrospect every time I saw her it was usually when I was going through some tough times or sadness, and when it happened it was when I was in deep thoughts or contemplation of an event. You know, like when you are staring into the distance or when a person is looking at you but they are miles away in thought, then when I brake away from that thought that’s when I realized I had been looking at her but only for a brief passing moment, and when I tried looking for her and head towards her she vanished out of view. The only other person whose witnessed this was my girlfriend at the time. She asked me why I was looking across the park at “that girl”. The strange thing is, my girlfriend noticed her this time and I had not. And when I turned back to look, she was gone. so I asked her to describe her, and she said “blond hair and a flannel”. I never told her my experience because obviously it’s so stereotypical and unbelievable, but i remember thinking the validation was both comforting and disturbing to know i wasn’t the only one to see her. Last thing I can recall is that when she looked at me she had a kind of curious, sad smile.

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