The Girl in the Corner

A Screaming Ghost Stuck in a Loop


Date | 2013
Location | Australia


Hey guys, my name is Corrallee I live in Australia and have been listening for a while now. I’ve experienced quite a few supernatural happenings and thought I should write in. I’ve got quite the history with ghosts so I apologize in advance for how large this email will become. Maybe one of my stories will be useful for a topic someday.

To preface these stories, we are renter’s so we’ve moved around a bit, the first 2 stories happened at one house and the following 4 happened at another house, in particular a house my brother remembers as the ghost house, after we moved from the house he said he never wanted to go back because ghosts were always standing behind him. At the time of these stories I lived with my parents and younger siblings, who were aged between about 12-4 at the time.

This happened about 9 or 10 years ago. Late one night I woke to a girl standing in the corner of my room. I froze in fear and tried to blink the image away thinking maybe I was still dreaming. I couldn’t hear her, but it looked like she was screaming and then she would run at me. All of a sudden she’d be back in the corner and would again scream and run at me. This happened over and over again. I closed my eyes tight and pulled my blankets over my head. It took forever but I eventually went back to sleep. The next morning I told my mum what had happened and she went pale and her jaw dropped. She told me that last night she kept hearing screaming and thought one of my younger siblings was having nightmares. She’d walk down the hallway, check all the rooms but everyone was asleep. But She kept hearing the screams. I saw the ghost, she heard it.

A Further note on the happenings at the above house: I told my my mum I was writing out all my experiences and she said at that particular house I would sleep-walk all the time. At one point I moved my 4 year old sister from one bedroom to another while asleep. Another time I went into my other sister and woke her by standing over her just staring. I apparently asked if I could sleep in her bed. The poor thing was terrified. Another time I had scribbled madly over my school book. So, I don’t know if that relates to the supernatural, but it sure is strange

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