The Fresno Goblin

A Small Humanoid Interrupts a Cookout


So me and my best friend were living together at the time, we live in Fresno California we have 4 dogs a male husky, a male blue nose pit bull and 2 small terrier mixes a male amd female. 

One night we were outside BBQing some burgers, and while we were BBQing I was looking at my phone facing the chicken coop. Now, we had 3 chickens that could walk around and go into their coop as they pleased. The dogs never messed with them. Well at one point we heard something hit the fence and land in the yard. I figured it was one of the chickens so I ignored the sound. My buddy was standing in front of the grill facing east while I faced north. Whatever jumped the gate walked right up to us, and by the time I seen the 3ft tall tan skinned troll or goblin creature,  it lifted its arms and swung them back releasing the weirdest vibration/sound we’ve ever heard. Both of us immediately went numb and started to slump over when the dogs all came charging- led by the husky. This thing stopped, and then hopped away. The yard was a good size, and it left in 3 hops, literally. Strangely, as It left, we felt exhausted and dazed. We could hear the creature run off through the alley, and the neighbors dogs all started barking down the block. We ended up turning out the grill and went inside. To this day we haven’t been able to find out what it was. If u guys have any ideas please let us know.

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