The Entities in the Attic

Whispers and Old Music Seep from the Ceiling


Cameron Smith
Date | 1970's- Present day
Location | Rockingham, NC


My mother is the youngest of three children. Her brother was 18 at the time, while her sister was 16, making my mother 10 when the incident occurred. My grandparents had taken a cruise to the Bahamas, and left the kids behind so they wouldn’t miss any school…how thoughtful (sigh). This left my uncle in charge of getting the girls off to school, but he worked in the evenings, leaving them alone late into the night. The week started off like any other, going to school, coming home, making dinner for themselves, then heading off to bed to do it all again the next day. My mother recalls on the third day, their peaceful evening routine changed drastically. While my mother and aunt were hanging out in their room, they began to hear vintage music (think fast paced 50’s) and whispering in the hallway. It startled the girls, but it wasn’t so loud they were frighted by the voice. They assumed it was someone outside with a radio, so they got off of their beds in search for the source of the voice. The whispering continued in a wispy, fast spoken fashion as they embarked down the long dark hallway. They couldn’t understand what the voice was saying, due to it sounding muffled, like listening to someone talk through a wall. They looked out windows, opened the front and back door, but alas, no one was there. When they returned, the whispering and music had seized and they chalked it up to a passer by outside.

In the late eighties, Mom says there was not much to do late at night if you were staying in, that was her experience anyway. This meant that most of the evening was her and my aunt talking on their beds in their shared room, listening to records, and looking at magazines. The evening they heard the fantom sounds was one of those nights, and after the initial shock of the fantom sounds, the night returned to normal. As they spent time in their room, talking and laughing, they had a horrible feeling wash over them when they heard the familiar melody and muffled voice return. They froze, and listened to a familiar whisper echo through the house in the same tone as before. My aunt claims it sounded as if a party were happening in their home, just on the other side of the wall. This time, instead of looking for the source of the voice and music, they sat stone still, listening to the breathy unintelligible whispers and AM radio sounding music. As they listened, they were shocked when the first voice was answered by another whisperer. They sat in their dark home, only slightly lit by a lamp or two, listening to two muffled voices whisper harshly to one another somewhere nearby…in the house.

There was no other option, it was late, and the whispers and music were loud. With all the courage they had in their bodies, they quietly lifted themselves off the bed, joined hands and began the journey down the dark hall to find the source of the haunting party surrounding them. Mom recalls it didn’t make sense, they could hear the voices, male and female, whispering intensely, speaking back and forth. Chills went down their spine when a thought occurred to them that hadn’t before. Hand in hand, my Mom and aunt were in the dark hallway when they slowly looked up…right at the attic door, flush to the ceiling. The voices and music were in the attic, which made no sense because the attic was essentially a crawl space, with only about a three foot gap from the attic floor to the roof of the house. Panicked, they ran out of the house into the black night in terror of the sudden realization.

Mom recalls they sat there for a few minutes, trying to figure out what to do. My uncle went on a date after work, so he didn’t arrive home until around midnight. My mom and aunt sat outside in the freezing cold until he arrived home and they told him everything. He didn’t believe them at first and made fun of them for being frightened. All three entered the house together with my uncle in the lead. The music was the loudest it had been, and the voices were no longer whispers. All three recall it was a full on party in the attic. Laughter bellowed through the muffled attic door, music played and conversations were heard but not understood. My uncle was petrified, but walked into the hallway with my mom and aunt and they just stood under the attic door, listening. He reached for the pull string, and with one swift movement the door opened and everything stopped. Dead silent. No music, whispers, laughter, nothing. Just a pitch dark attic with old boxes and Christmas decorations. My uncle climbed up in disbelief to search for any sign of life, or perhaps even a radio, but he saw nothing. No one slept that night, or any other night for the rest of the week until their parents were home. That attic is notorious for spooky behavior. Once, my grandmother put her old rocking chair in that attic, laying it on its side due to the low clearance. At night, my mother and aunt would lay in their beds and listen to it rocking above their heads. I can’t explain any of this, and as crazy as it sounds, all three siblings claim it to be absolute truth.

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