The Dragon at My Window

Astral Protector


Date | 1995
Location | Windsor Massachusetts


When I was about 14 i shared a room and bunk beds with my younger sister. We lived in a big house in the middle of the deep woods, my father had built the house ten years prior. My siblings and i had quite a few strange experiences here, but one of my most vivid occurred one night when I was  laying in bed on the bottom bunk, which faced the window. My sister’s was at an angle and faced the wall. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing i knew i was floating up to the ceiling and thought “i can go outside!” So I gently air-swam up to the window frame and got ready to push myself out. Suddenly, a huge, silent dragon appeared, blocking my way..  Not menacingly but like a guard. She opened her mouth and roared at me but it was totally silent, like what cats sometimes do. It freaked me out and I pushed myself off the window frame and landed back in bed. 

Not long after that, a couple months later maybe, I woke one morning with three, jointed claw or long finger marks on my left bicep. It was not a bruise though, more like a place where my skin was a much darker of a shade. Everyone asked me who grabbed me and it didn’t fade for months. The dragon seemed female and was somewhat a mix between asian and fantasy but with a more sheer and kind of gauzy appearance further down the tail. I wish i had taken a picture of the grab marks too. Even my principal asked if someone had hurt me.

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