The Devil’s Lettuce

High and Haunted


I’d like to share something that happened about three weeks ago. One night I smoked a bit of devil’s lettuce so I could go to bed and I heard really loud noises downstairs in the main area. Me and my roommates rarely make noise that the others can hear so I thought it was odd and went downstairs.

A light was turned on and our front door was unlocked, which was weird because we’re all really good at locking doors and turning off lights. But I just locked the door, shut off the light, and went back upstairs.

About five minutes later I heard loud noises, like stuff was falling onto the kitchen floor. So once again I go check downstairs, keeping my bedroom door open with the light on to be able to see while walking down the stairs. A different mcfricken light was on and the front door was unlocked again. Nothing was on the floor and everything else looked very normal. Wtf for real.

As I’m trying to keep my cool, I hear a door upstairs shut and then another loud noise. I looked toward the stairs, and there was no light coming from my bedroom. It was in my room..

Panicking, I built up the courage to run into my room to grab my purse and get the FOOOOOK outta there. I kept the light on and the front door unlocked while I made my sprint, and when I came back the light was off and the front door was locked. big nope!

I ran to my car and called my aunt. I prefaced with “hey soo uhhhh I’m high, but like, I’m not really really high to where I could be hallucinating (I don’t even think you can hallucinate) and I know it could be making my experience more intense, but something is in my house and I don’t know what to do” she calms me down and I can hear my uncle in the background getting ready to come pick me up. Our family has always been sensitive to the paranormal/supernatural, and once he picked me up he said he knew immediately it wasn’t someone who broke into my house, and he could tell it was supernatural and it wasn’t gonna leave me alone if I stayed.


He stopped at a gas station to grab me munchies (what a homie) and I slept over at their house. But it didn’t end there at all. I know this is long so hopefully it wasn’t boring and if you’d like to know what happened after my uncle saved me from the ghosties I’d love to share.

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