The Children and the Visitors

My Sister's Kids are Haunted


Justin Stastad
Date | The 1st story was August 2022 and the 2nd story was in 2020
Location | Near Edgeley, ND


Hi guys!  Here are 2 stories my sister recently told me about her two youngest granddaughters that are a little too weird to explain. My sister has a daughter that is married and has 3 children, a son who is 8, a daughter who is 6 and their youngest daughter is 3.  Last August the 3 year old was talking to my sister and asked her where my sister’s grandfathers are?  My sister told her that they both have passed away.  Without skipping a beat her granddaughter asked, “Was one of them Bill?”  My sister was shocked because one of them was William, who went by Bill, and he had passed away in 1972 when we were just kids and we don’t have any pictures of him or even talk about him because it’s been such a long time ago.  We have no idea how she knew his name was Bill.

The 2nd story took place 3 years ago when my sister’s 6 year old granddaughter was 3 years old, same age as the one in the 1st story.  My sister was babysitting her granddaughter at my sister’s house one evening.  They were in the living room when her granddaughter started going to the kitchen to get something.  She got to the short hallway leading to the door going into the garage and my sister saw something that startled her, and she froze, staring at the door.  She just stood there looking at the door.  My sister asked her what was wrong?  Then she looked at my sister and said, “These people want to talk to you.”  My sister asked, “What people?”  She said, “The people by the door.”  My sister got up and looked and said, “Who? There’s no one there.”  Her granddaughter said, “Yes there is, they’re talking to you.”  My sister asked, “What are they saying?”  She replied, “I don’t know but they want you.”  My sister asked, “Who are they and how many of them are there?”  Her granddaughter said she didn’t know who they were but there was a mom, a dad and two kids.  My sister was to the point where she didn’t know what to say next but then her granddaughter said, “Never mind, they’re gone now.”  My sister asked, “Where did they go?”  She said, “They faded away and now they’re gone.”  

My sister didn’t know what to think of that, and there were a few other times that her granddaughter said she saw people in their house.  After she told me that, I started thinking..  It is an old homestead that they bought, out in the country.  There wasn’t a house there then, but they built a new house and put up some outbuildings.  The original settlers here were German, so maybe there was someone there and they were speaking German and that’s why her granddaughter couldn’t understand what they were saying.??  I don’t know?  It just seems really strange!  I don’t know if you can use these stories but I hope you, at least, found them interesting.

Take care and thank you for all the hard work you guys do to bring us these stories!

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