In the fall of 2021 my MIL found a tiny, feisty black kitten with a white patch under her leg, under her porch, she knew I was a cat person & asked if I wanted her, & of course I took her in. I called her Little Kitty, & she was the strangest, wildest, funniest kitten I have ever seen. I adored her, even when she somehow demolished my Christmas tree despite being about the size of a potato. She’d play fetch like a dog for an hour, she would sit on my knee and stare at back and forth at my husband and I when we were talking, like she was following along the conversation.

A few days before Christmas, I let her out on my screened in porch & she managed to find a small hole in the screen and get out, never to return.

I was beyond devastated.

Fast forward to summer, when someone dumped a pregnant cat at our gate. We took her in, but she was (and still is) terrified of our dogs, so she settled in as a barn cat & had 5 kittens, I kept a funny little tortie girl I named Grimm.

Grimm came & went from the house but mostly lived in the barn with her mom, until yet again, 2 days before Christmas, I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I was so upset, I’ve always had barn cats and they’ve all lived to ripe old ages.

Christmas Eve morning rolled around & I hear loud meowing at the front door! I rush over to open it and instead of a tortie, there sat a black cat, who flounced right in like she owned the joint.

She set up on the living room rug & started playfully rolling around , there inside her left leg was a white patch. It was Little Kitty, who’d been gone for a year almost to the day. I couldn’t believe it, I was the only one at home so I snapped a picture of her to prove to myself and everyone else she was real!

About one happy hour after she showed up, I get a call from our local postmaster. He had seen a missing kitty picture on Facebook of Grimm – who happened to be keeping him company at our local post office! She must have taken a ride into town under my car!

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