The Boogeyman

A Child's Second Sight


Brandy Timms
Date | 2016
Location | Childhood home in travelers rest, SC


As I am writing this it is January. I am listening to your Halloween podcast. Your podcast made me remember something creepy that happened to me.

This happened while I still lived in my childhood home.
One day my friend from work and her kid came over to my house. I don’t remember why they came over but I do remember her kid wanting to play outside. The kid got into some dirt and got all muddy. I told her I would take him in to wash his hands.

While I was standing at the sink holding up this kid so he could reach the sink, the kid turned towards the outside of the bathroom, looked to the hallway and pointed towards the area right outside my mom and dads bedroom door. The kid pointed and said, “The boogeyman”. I didn’t know what to think. This kid could barely talk, and his mom said she never told her kid about any boogeyman.

When we got outside, we told his mom what happened. I asked the kid, “What did this boogeyman look like?”
He said, “tall, blue eyes, and blonde on the top, with red above his eye and hand”. I said, “what was he wearing?” He said, “Gray” and pointed to his torso and then said, “blue” and pointed at his pants.
My heart dropped.

My dad was not with us anymore. He described my dad to a T, and he described what my dad was wearing the last time I ever saw him alive. He was killed in a car accident just 5 years prior to this a mile away from home. The thing is, I had to identify the body at the hospital and my dad only had a scrape that was bleeding on his hand, and a place that was bloody above his eye. That’s it. Other than that he kind of looked like he was asleep. When I saw him, he had already been taken out of his clothes. But I remember what he was wearing the last time I saw him walk out of the door at home, and it was given back to us in a belongings bag from the morgue. He had on a gray hoodie that my sister and I had bought him for Christmas a few days earlier. And blue jeans.
I thought to myself this couldn’t be a coincidence. He had to have seen my dad’s ghost.

We have had many other things happening, like things falling off the wall or doors closing and other weird noises. There was just a presence there, you could feel it. It was sometimes a good presence.. but there were times it didn’t feel like my dad. ..There were times it felt like an evil bad presence. It creeped me out.

Brandy Timms

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