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The Bell Witch, Cornfield Chimera, and Goblin Guests

Dear listener, are you plagued by strange sounds at night? do you hear knocking on the walls and unexplained scratching at your bed posts? Are your sheets pulled off as you sleep, leaving you a bit chilly and with only the electrical charge of goosebumps to keep you warm? Well my friend, this is nothing new. Let us introduce you to the mysterious talking rabbit/dog hybrid demon thingy.. known as the Bell Witch.

In this episode we’ll attempt to immerse you into the haunted history of the Bell family and their life long struggle with this terrifying and unexplained entity. Some say a witch, others a goblin, while still others would point to a trickster spirit or demon of some sort.

We explore the credibility of these stories and examine the source material while re-telling the stories through deep sonic soundscapes to put you in the mood for this halloween season.

Also.. Fox sister knocking, Andrew Jackson’s witch slayer, and Jon wants a sock-folding goblin of his very own!

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00:04:20 | Topic Introduction/ Goatman, Forgman, Lizard People

00:03:50 | Bell Witch Introduction

00:09:18 | Stories of the Bell Family Haunting

00:37:25 | Stories of General Andrew Jackson’s witch encounters

00:50:42 The Story of Dr. Sugg and the witch

00:54:40 Patron Stingers


Donnie Darko





An Authenticated History of the Bell Witch | Martin Van Buren Ingram

John Bell and Family – Bio’s/Histories – Pat Fitzhugh


The Bell Witch: The Full Account


Bell Witch | Wikipedia

Bell Witch Update *ended up not having time for, but interesting

Chapter 11 Stories | Gen. Andrew Jackson, Witch Slayer, and Dr Henry Sugg

Bob Bell — ghost stories [VIDEO]

Corroboration – Col. T. L. Yancey, Clarksville Lawyer

Dr Henry Horn Sugg’s – GRAVE

Obituary of M. V. Ingram

Is the Bell Witch a goblin?


Hairy Hand connection -Sexual Reptilian Ghostcraft


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