Texas Murder House

A Violent Past Soils The Earth


Date | Unknown
Location | El Paso, TX


Growing up I lived in a house in El Paso,TX. The house was built by my great grandfather. When my grandparents lived there, my grandmother was murdered by her husband. She was run over and then died in the house.

Now for the experiences.. The first one was pretty innocent. I used to sleep in the living room and every once in a while I’d see a woman in a white nightgown walking down the hallways. She never seemed to notice me or anyone else.

Later, while they were renovating the main bathroom, we had to use the master bathroom. One evening I was walking out and saw the shape of a little girl with deep red eyes in the room as I was closing the door. I was scared but thought it must have been my imagination.. up until one night while we were watching tv in the living room and my older sister screamed and ran out of the room saying she saw the shape of a little girl with red eyes in the closet. Obviously I was terrified, and that’s when I knew there was something in my house.

This last one is actually the only time I was ever physically hurt by an entity. I would see shadow people in doorways of that house every night growing up. One night, I looked down the hallway and saw one standing there, staring back at me.. He seemed agitated that I saw him and he started walking towards me! I got up to go turn the light on. And in the reflection of the mirror by the light switch, I could see him right behind me! He reached out, and as soon as I saw him touch my back, i felt a freezing sensation through my clothes. I couldn’t move. It felt like the physical sensation of terror. After what felt like minutes but was probably 30-45 seconds, I forced myself to turn on the light.. It was gone.. The next day, i woke up in pain, and I discovered a large bruise on my back.

I believe that the presence of great violence opens the door for these things to cross into our dimension. I myself am a Lavayan Satanist and dont believe in god or the devil. I do believe that we have souls and they’re made of atoms like everything else and they decay just like every other thing on earth. But I think that these things come from another dimension and that they are definitely malevolent.

Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing.

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