Tasha Comes Home

A Beloved, Deceased Dog Returns for a Visit


Wally C.
| Unknown
Location | Unknown 


2.7 | Listener Stories – Strange Creatures, UFOs, and Graveyard Ghosts


My wife and I have been dog rescuers for quite some time. While many of our pups have passed away over the years we did have one very close to our hearts, Tasha. We got her as a puppy and treated her like royalty. Anyway, she was very old and going blind before the end and we made the decision to put her to sleep. We held her and told her the hard part was over, she would be playing in green fields waiting for us to join her one day. 

Well, life goes on. 

The following spring I was working in our flower garden in front of the house when our neighbor walked over. We talked for a few minutes when we both turned as we heard the sound of an animal running in the gravel drive followed by what sounded like toenails scratching on the sidewalk beside us. Both of us followed the noise visually and as it came around my legs our eyes met (the neighbor and I). With my eyes welling up I said: “That’s my Tasha!”. And the sound stopped.

My neighbor left and we never spoke much after that.

I am certain she was running past to let me know she remembered us and wanted to let us know she was happy.

I know what I believe.

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