Hello Brothers of the Belief Hole,

My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment a year ago.
Our apartment is laid out a little weird with the kitchen and living room at either end of a hallway. For the first few weeks, I would often be sitting in the living room and “see” or get an image in my mind’s eye, of a small white dog coming out of the hall, turning a corner into the living room. I’ve never owned or wanted a small white dog. I’d also never had that kind of “vision” before so I noted when it happened and mentioned it to my boyfriend after the first few times. What’s really interesting is that I also saw a tabby cat multiple times. We only had one cat, she’s a tabby/tortoiseshell mix so she has muted tones with alot of orange and only really has tabby markings on her face and tail so I call her a Carmel tabby. Which of course, doesn’t matter when the cat I’m “seeing” is only in my mind’s eye. But one night, coming back from the bathroom, I bent down to pet what I thought at first, was my cat Junebug. As I leant down though, I noticed the cat I was reaching towards was longer, leaner and had a longer tail then Junebug. It also, wasn’t there. I was reaching for nothing in the dark.
My boyfriend wanted to get another cat, preferably a cuddly male kitten as Junebug is kind of a snobby cat and doesn’t cuddle. He picked out a little tabby on Kijiji and we went to get him. Our, now fully grown tabby cat named Max is the same height, size and shape as the apparition of a tabby cat that I reached towards in the dark a year ago. I haven’t “seen” either the little white dog or the ghostly tabby since we got Max. And I believe I was seeing him before we got him.

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