My wife and I bought a dog shortly after I first moved to Texas in 2006. We do not have kids and like so many childless couples our dog became our baby. He was a corgi we named Tom Servo after the mst3k character. For the next 15 years he shared every adventure with us. He passed away November 29, 2021. He hadn’t been doing well for a while so it wasn’t unexpected. It happened late at night so the next morning I called into work with the intention of burying him in our yard. Almost immediately after, I started humming the song “Take me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver. Why I was humming that song I had no clue. I got dressed and found my self humming it again. Later I was making coffee and realized I was again humming the melody of the song. I remember staring out the window and thinking wouldn’t it be weird if this song came up today for some reason. I brushed the thought away and continued about the day. I was halfway through digging my dog’s grave when seemingly out of the ether a song started to play. It was John Denver “Take me Home, Country Roads”. It started from the beginning, played until the end, then cut out. It was the high school nearby. It was not uncommon for them to blare music loud enough for our whole neighborhood to hear. But that was always just before a football game. It was 9:30am. I have had major synchronicities before but this time I felt it. Something inside clicked and I felt the connection. I don’t know how else to describe it. I don’t know why my dog or the universe chose that particular song as a vehicle for the message but my wife said it’s because the song is about going home. Our dog was just letting us know his death is nothing negative. He’s just returning home. I finished burying him and then pulled out my phone. I played the song one more time as my wife and I sat by the grave. The high school music didn’t come back on until the game later that night. It’s weird that a love letter to West Virginia become my dog’s anthem but I’ll never hear that song again and not think of him.

Love you guys
Take care

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