E10 | Halloween Episode! Ghost Stories and Creepy Hauntings


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Strange Forest Disappearances and Missing 411 with a side of Skinwalker Ranch

Oh, the forest primeval! what monsters doth thou hide?! Cultures around the world, and throughout time, have told stories of woodland abductions by some inhuman hand. Many of these legends share disturbing commonalities, despite being worlds and generations apart.

Now, in modern times, we are finding that a disturbing number of people have vanished from the national park system, and the circumstances surrounding many of these strange disappearances verge on the paranormal and harken back to the myths of our ancestors. Were these myths in fact real world warnings?

Join us as we discuss the research of David Paulides and the possible conspiracy to keep the public in the dark… about the darkness in the park.

… Also, Bigfoot target practice, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinosaur lust, and Belief Hole’s unimpressive, improved, verbal vomit exercise! See you in the hole!

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Boy Found on Tree”, “Highgrass”, “Tree falls in Swamp | Deer Hunt Big Buck Registry | EP 223


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More Missing 411 Stories of Strange Disappearances

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