In early to mid 2023 I started seeing black rabbits hopping around the kitchen. I knew my uncle who grew up in the house next door to me kept black rabbits as a child and the rabbits would frustrate the old lady who lived in my house no end because they’d get into her vegetable garden. I told my mum about the rabbits and one day out of the blue my uncle asked her if I was being pestered by the rabbits- she told him what I had said about seeing them in the kitchen. A couple of weeks later he had a major health crisis and the rabbits stopped coming by. Until about 4 months later I saw them again, he was diagnosed with cancer. He’s since passed away and I haven’t seen any more rabbits in my kitchen since.

In January 2024 I started seeing cats in my house but wasn’t able to make the connection to a person until my mother in law got ill, she always gave me cat things. I haven’t seen the cats again since she passed.

I know it could be that I was subconsciously aware of something being wrong and this was my brains way of trying to make me take notice but whatever the reason if I start seeing spirit animals again I’ll be trying to work out who is not doing so hot health wise.

I’m sorry to hear about the passing of Jake, dogs truly are the best people.

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