Hi Jon, First, so incredibly sad about your best friends loss. Often I’ve heard you emphatically ask around about whether pets come back or not. In one recounting with a pastor who denied that being true obviously had not had a beloved dog pass. When we lived in Bend OR, we rescued a lab-collie mix Olive. It was at feeding time & every dog’s full attention was on their food. Olive ignored her food to visit with me & knew she was the one. From that day forward she was my shadow. Normally an overly friendly dog, she wouldn’t hesitate to get between us & perceived danger barking & standing her ground. She was attached to us & myself in particular. We then moved to CO. I couldn’t walk anywhere, up the stairs, chores, & even scaled our vets 12’ tall chain link fence to follow our car once. The vet said he’d never had a dog do that. After having her for over a decade she suddenly collapsed & got her to the vet who believed it was a possible aneurysm & she passed that day. We were crushed & absolutely devastated.
It was about a month later that we’d hear her around the house. I remember one incident where I was outside my oldest daughter’s room & could hear her walking, nails clacking on the wood floor. I looked up at my daughter’s face & could see her eyes widen as we both heard her walking down the hall to come up the carpeted stairs. This was a common occurrence for awhile until our grief dissipated. I feel like she was around to help us through the grief & even now am crying & it’s been over a decade.
As an aside, one of the more famous astral protection authors, Robert Monroe talks about one event where he sees his dog, believe it was a basset hound & how happy he was to know that he’d be there after he passed.
Much love & hugs to you all!

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