Soft Touches

A Girl’s Nap in a Haunted School Closet are Interrupted


Kylie Dunbar
Date Received | 2/9/2021
Location | Arvada, Co

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Hear the account @ 45:28

Soft Touches

When I was 21 or 22 I worked in a daycare with my mother. The building was an old school house with 4 rooms and 2 large storage spaces on each end. Every morning I would help my mom open the building, then take a nap in one of the storage closets next to her classroom. (My shift didn’t start for another 1.5 hour) 

One morning I was trying to take a nap on a child size mat with a tweety bird blanket, when I felt the softest of touches on my back. It startled me quite a bit and I made a sharp squeak like a frightened mouse. Embarrassed, I turned over to see who had interrupted my attempted nap, to see… no one. The Fuck?

I gave up on my nap and went to ask my mom if she had come to wake me up. She hadn’t, so I just shrugged it off and forgot about the incident. 

A few weeks later it happened again, I vividly remember it feeling like a hand stroking down my spine. A soothing sort of gesture, meant to help relax me. Odd, but not threatening. I told a few of the girls I worked with about the soft touches and I found out that I was not the only one feeling things. Most of them had been pushed or had seen shadow men in that classroom and had since refused to go in there alone. 

..My mom said the room felt peaceful to her, and she never saw anything out of the ordinary. I guess he liked her more than the other ladies? lol 

I continued taking my naps there and whatever was in that room continued giving me gentle pets. My coworkers thought I was insane but he or it never gave me a bad feeling, so I didn’t mind. Plus it was the only quiet place in the whole building. 

I left that job for better opportunities and have not experienced anything like it since. 

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