A Strange Night Walker


Date | October
Location | Canton, OH


Hello Belief Hole! First let me say that I absolutely love the show and would like to thank you for everything you do. 

I’ve had many experiences in my life that could be considered paranormal, so many in fact that I wasn’t sure where to start in sharing. I decided a specific and one-off instance with validation would be best. 

It was October and the air was just starting to get that crisp chill, it was during sunset, when the shadows are long and sprawling across the ground. I was coming back inside from taking my dog, Worm, out for a walk. As we rounded the corner of the house I heard footsteps coming up the driveway. I looked, expecting to see one of the neighbor children running up to pet Worm. However, when I looked up all I saw at first was nothing. Confused I stared at the drive until two small sneakers with thin ankles sticking out of them materialized right before my eyes. They were a ghostly translucent white. Before I had time to even react Worm started frantically pulling on the leash and crying out. He saw them too. Panic washed over me and with pure adrenaline I darted to the door around the side of the house, managing to pull Worm with me (no small feat as he is an 80 pound bully) and literally fell into the house before slamming the door behind me. I told my roommate what happened and she turned white, telling me that she had had her own experience while I was gone. In the upstairs hallway she had heard a distinctive CLAP CLAP behind her which startled her so badly that she yelped. When she did so, something yelped back, mocking her. 

I hope to write in with more of my experiences later on and am about to sign up for the expansion finally! Love you guys!

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