E10 | Halloween Episode! Ghost Stories and Creepy Hauntings


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Small Town Monsters, Area X and Momo Fever

On Episode 19 of Belief Hole, we strap on our Squatchin’ boots for a ferocious interview with Seth Breedlove and Jason Utes of Small Town Monsters to get the skinny on some of their creeptastic documentaries. Small Town Monsters travels the continent to capture undiscovered evidence and testimony from some of your favorite cryptid accounts in recent history, and brings the legends back to life with masterful narrative and visual storytelling.

Also, they’re great guys! But First.. Jose’ Conseco’s UFO tours, Tim Curry’s diamond lust, and space llamas! So, grab your spelunking gear and grease up the ropes, cause the hole is opening!

Join us, or we can’t guarantee that Amy (the jealous gorilla from the 90’s film Congo) won’t call you an ugly woman with her hand paws. See you in the hole!

Visit Small Town Monsters:
Website | smalltownmonsters.com
Kickstarter | MOMO, Terror in the Skies and Bigfoot

Small Town Monsters Documentaries

(Coming 2019)



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Shannon Legro
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Monsteropolis Podcast
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Listener’s Bigfoot Story

From Terry Whitehorn
Referenced | Les Stroud Alaska Bigfoot Story


  • Congo (1995)
  • Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)
  • The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then Bigfoot (2018)


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