Skull and Bones Exposed | Podcast

Skull and Bones and Secret Society Shenanigans


Hidden within the forbidden foliage of the Yale University campus lies the secretive tomb of the infamous order of the Skull and Bones. A secret society and prolific birthing ground for influential figures and presidents who seem to carry a dark allegiance to this ominous order.

Join us as we expose evidence of their grave robbing exploits, occult initiation rituals, and numerous nefarious activities.

Also, Federal Reserve slavery, love for Ron Paul, and the brother rock out to Oasis

09:12 | Secret german death cult origin of the Skull and Bones
16:37 | Details of the Initiation Ceremony of the Skull and Bones
23:44 | Ron Rosenbaum exposes the Secret Order | CLIP
34:15 | Bonesmen threaten (and maybe kill) whistleblower Steve
40:01 | John Kerry and George W Bush questioned about Skull and Bones | CLIP
46:12 | Secret Seven Society – are there good secret societies?
49:28 | Grave robbery of Geronimo by Prescott Bush and other Bonesmen
55:39 | Story fo the “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” Guy | Clip
1:03:00 | Reminiscing over our undying love for Ron Paul | CLIPS
1:10:06 | Aaron Russo – Banker Elite – Plans of the Rockefellers
1:13:51 | Conspiracy Pamphlet Summary of the Federal Reserve
1:19:22 | Our Great Grandfather was a damn good guy
1:20:26 | G. Edward Griffen – The Creature of Jekyll island
1:21:59 | Tesla Destroyed, Free Energy and a Clean Wrap Up!



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