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Expansion Episode Preview| Skinwalkers: Dark Native Witchcraft and Monsters of the Southwest

The mysterious winter nights continue with this probing exploration into the dark side of Native American witchcraft and lore. In this episode, we present real stories of skinwalker encounters- creatures turned from man to monster by the practice of a dark occulted magic, kept secret by the Navajo and other native tribes, for fear that to even speak the name ‘Skinwalker’ would invite a most grave and sinister retribution.
So burn some sage, and keep the lights low as we respectfully but inquisitively conjure the dark magical mystique of the American Southwest in an effort to cast some light on the those things kept hidden: shapeshifters and Skinwalkers.




08:40 | The Skinwalker Legend
11:31 | Evil Deeds – Becoming the Skinwalker
13:21 | Jon’s ‘The Haunting’ retelling
19:22 | The Secrecy
22:53 | Shapeshifting Gift turns dark
25:32 | Witnessing a Skinwalker Ceremony
34:15 | J.K. Rowling Controversy
39:10 | Roadside Skinwalker Encounter
57:25 | Hit It!! Skinwalker in the Road
1:05:25 | crawler in the basement
1:11:35 | Night Encounter: Zenith, AZ


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