E10 | Halloween Episode! Ghost Stories and Creepy Hauntings


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Skinwalker Sampler with a side of Ranch

On episode 13, the brothers discuss a creepy smattering of the many inexplicable phenomena that has gone on at the paranormal hotspot known as Skinwalker Ranch.

From cattle mutilations and interdimensional portals to Skinwalker werewolf-type creatures and hairy neck-less giants dropping out of the sky, we explore bizarre encounters witnessed by the Gorman/Sherman family and later documented by the scientific research groups NIDS and BAASS, founded by billionaire and paranormal enthusiast Robert Bigelow.

Who is behind the clandestine Adamantium Holdings LLC which now controls the ranch? Are the large invincible wolves seen on the ranch actual skinwalkers or related to the dogman phenomenon, and why do dogman smoke so many damn cigarettes? These and other questions we explore on this episode of the Belief Hole Podcast. Enjoy!

..also, Nigerian clone allegations, Siberian Unicorns, Kate Beckinsale foreskin sauce, and our mutual indifference for cats.


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