Skinwalker Ranch Escapee

Humanoid Hiding in the Neighborhood


This is a story from the Uintah Basin near skinwalker ranch:

I had a friend who was a police officer for the Tribal police here in Roosevelt Utah. He told me this story one night at a family party. His name was Josh. One night he and his partner got a call from dispatch. Someone was calling about a strange trespasser getting in their garbage or something in their backyard. They were given an address and when they arrived they realized that they were just outside the east end of Skinwalker ranch, little did they know that this was probably a key factor in what they were about to experience. They had the owners of the house on the phone as they pulled up in the driveway. The owners were describing a small humanoid creature with big eyes and said that it was hiding behind their propane tank. (Houses here are rural and natural gas is not common so families use large tanks of propane for gas heat). Sure enough as their lights shined on the tank, they saw a small oval shaped head protruding up from behind the tank and then watched as it slowly slid down behind the tank as if to hide. They both saw it and made remarks about how big its eyes were, preceded by and followed by several colorful expletives.

They then watched as it peaked up from behind the tank and lowered back down a few more times. Josh described to me an oval, almost round head, grey in color, about the size of a basketball with very large black eyes, a small mouth and an almost illegible nose. They were shocked, he said, and joked that they had zero training for dealing with grey aliens. So at this point he and his partner quickly formulated a plan. My friend would sneak out of the patrol car and move behind it and back around the other side of the house and approach it from the side and behind. His partner would stay in the vehicle and remain in contact with Josh via radio. When Josh was in position he would signal his partner and they would both run up to it and snatch it up as so many stray dogs.

Josh left the car and snuck out behind the house and signaled his partner. His partner exited the vehicle upon which the strange little creature immediately sprang straight toward Josh, but upon seeing Josh, it turned and ran out through the knee-high sagebrush like a flash. Josh described its motion as jerky and quick as lightning moving from bush to bush using them to conceal himself.

He said it had a small frail looking body, almost just bones but obviously strong and athletic. It was all grey with a large head, out of proportion to its body size, maybe stood three feet tall. It was Very strange looking and really frightened both he and his partner. The creature stopped maybe 40 yards away and began peaking out from behind a bush as it had done previously. He was stunned. He regained his courage as his partner caught up to him and they both pursued it through the sagebrush for a short distance, weapons drawn. It turned around and ran straight towards – you guessed it – Skinwalker Ranch. Its speed was amazing and made it obvious that they would never catch up to it. They just watched, wide mouthed and silent as it ran to the line of large cottonwood trees that marked the edge of the property and disappeared in the foliage.

I have no idea what they told the homeowners or what they wrote up in their report that shift but the experience changed his view of our tiny mysterious planet.

BTW these are all true stories. Josh looked me in the eyes as he relayed this experience and this good honest public servant was telling the truth.

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