Shadow Rider

Shadow People Torment a Pregnant Woman


Date | Dec 2021 - January 2022
Location | Minneapolis, MN


I was in my first trimester so I was SUPER tired all the time. I’d gone to bed early after putting my 2 year old to sleep and my husband was still awake downstairs. I woke up after about an hour and saw a black shadowy figure on all fours next to my bed (inches from my head) with a smaller shadow sitting on its back. My initial sleep deprived thought was “what is my husband doing next to the bed with my daughter on his back?”

I was about to ask him when a half second later my heart plummeted into my stomach and I threw the covers up over my head because my rational mind told me that they would not be playing in a dark room at 10 or 11pm while I was trying to sleep.

I finally got the guts to reach my hand out and grab my phone to call my husband. He came upstairs quickly but nothing was there when he turned on the light. My side of the bed doesn’t have anything but a few feet of carpet and a closed closet door so I don’t think it could have been anything else casting a shadow.

I suppose I could’ve been dreaming, but if I was, I can’t figure out where the dream ended and real life began because I was still seeing the things while diving under the covers.

Anyways, you guys have a great show, keep up the good work!

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