Shadow Playmates

Woodland Shadow Beings Begin a Treasure Hunt


Growing up in my parents house we used to have a lot of different things going on. Every one that would come and visit would always say they saw something In the corner of their eye but would never seem to catch whatever was looking at them from down the hallway. I even remember passing by my sister’s room and seeing someone standing there, and when I would go back to see, no one would be in there. 

I remember my mom telling us a story, that once when she was taking a nap with me, when I was younger, she woke up and there was a tall, black, faceless humanoid looking at us while we slept. She said she prayed and it disappeared. 

I would also see these black humanoids.. They would come out when the sun was down.. and my cousins and I would play with them.. We would play different games like tag and hide and seek, and we would also fight like in the older days with swords but we would use sticks. When we would play tag or play fight, the only way they couldn’t touch us was if we grabbed this gold bar looking thing we found in the abandoned church that we would play in. We had been digging random holes one day, and found it by accident, but I really can’t remember when the first time those things came. Sometimes it was 3 of them, sometimes it would be more . I can’t find answers anywhere that could come close to what they were. They were taller and slimmer than us. I would say maybe 5 feet tall. I was around 7-8 years old when this happened.  I remember they would climb on the trees and jump from one tree to another, but they didn’t really move the branches when they jumped I’m guessing because they didn’t weigh much. Those things were really skinny. The fact that my cousins still remember this and find it creepy helps me to know I didn’t just imagine this. 

The abandoned church I mentioned was by my parents house, and those things would walk on our roof at night. One night my dad got tired of hearing them walk around and went to do something about it. He came back running for his life. 

I saw one again when I was 19. As it ducked down to hide from me, It knocked down the dry dishes. I would also see blue balls of light here and there. The last time I saw one was with my wife. She woke me up and there was one on her side of the bed. When I got up, it flew away and vanished into thin air. My wife was so confused and didn’t understand what she had just seen. I told her I’d seen those before but that I wasn’t sure what they were. She seemed weirded out that I wasn’t scared.

I’m not sure what these things are and what the purpose of them playing with us was. Like let’s say if they are aliens or ghost why would they play with a group of kids for. The other thing the gold looking bar was important for a reason not sure why but its connected to them. I tried searching things up but nothing comes up and I was just reaching out to see if you guys or anyone else has ever heard or experienced something like this before. Hopefully you guys can connect this to something or someone out there can.

The only thing that I can compare them to is shadow people, but I’ve never heard someone say that they had played or had contact with shadow people. So my guess is that these things are something else. Arlington used to be more of a wooded area in 2003 ever since they built the cowboy stadium and ranger stadium they cut a lot of the trees down. 

It was a total of 5 of us and we all still remember while we played this game we would play with dark humanoids it was about 3 of them sometimes more. Not sure were they would come from but when playing some games if we would touch a gold plated metal they couldn’t harm us according to the game rules the weird thing is I don’t remember talking to them don’t even remember how the rules even came to be. That’s not the only thing they would do they also walk on our roof every night about 2-3 am and one time my dad went out side to check it out and he came back running for his life saying a black shadow was chasing him. We would also see them in the house but most of the time they would move so that u won’t see them in a corner just watching than when u turn they move out of sight. I remember the last time I saw one I was about 19 I was sitting in the living room and it was moving back and forth wanting me to turn and look and when I did that thing hit the dry rack of plates and tipped everything over. Not sure what they are but they are physical and can vanish in thin air. 

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