Send in the Clowns

Manifesting, Malevolent Dolls!


I went on a date one night with a bunch of other couples, probably around 10-12 high school kids total. We were at someone’s house to eat and play games and then to watch a video. There were a bunch of movies to choose from so everyone voted on which one to watch. The majority of the group chose the 1990 original Stephen King movie “IT”.

I am not a fan at all of horror movies. I don’t even like very many scary movies, so this really wasn’t my idea of a great time. It really freaked me out.

Later, when my date drove me home and dropped me off, it was well past midnight and my whole family was asleep. I went upstairs to my room and when I turned on my light, the first thing I saw, right in the middle of my bedroom floor, was a little toy clown doll that I had never, ever seen before. As a side note, I always kept my bedroom really clean, and I was really particular about never leaving anything on the floor, so this little clown stuck out like a sore thumb. I had cold chills run up and down my body. My heart was racing.. It might sound weird.. but there was an evil feeling in my room.

No one in my family would have pulled a prank on me, they aren’t the kind of people that would ever do something like that at all. Plus, they had no idea what movie we had watched on my date. And there’s no way my date would have, or could have put it there. He was a really nice guy who wouldn’t scare me like that.

I grabbed a piece of clothing to pick the clown up with and ran downstairs to throw it in the kitchen garbage. I was really scared so I slept in my sister’s room that night. The next morning, I had my family look at the clown. None of them had ever seen it before. I had only one younger sibling (who was also a teenager) and she didn’t have toys anymore, so it didn’t belong to her. Overall, it was really odd and very creepy, and it still gives me the chills whenever I think about it today.

BTW, I am no stranger to paranormal things. Starting when I was a kid, I have had numerous encounters with good spirits, evil entities, and I have even had a near-death experience.

Thanks for the awesome podcast, I really enjoy all your episodes and the subjects are fascinating. Keep it up!!

Woman was so spooked by inflatable clown blowing into her garden she now sleeps with knife

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