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Sea Monster Attacks and Devils of the Deep!

Do sea serpents sightings seem too sensational for serious consideration?.. Consider harder!! On this episode, we dredge from the deep, accounts of vicious attacks of water beasts with deadly consequences. For centuries, these monstrosities have been encountered with startlingly similar characteristics, and to this day are still traumatizing their victims. So ready your harpoons and baton down the hatches as we set sail to discover the terrifying truth behind the worlds deepest, darkest, briniest secrets.. 

Also.. Jon’s sauna breaks, Dolphin speed debates and the Wizards hid the dragons!


4:05 | Real Sea Monsters (Freaky) | why we’re doing this topic
13:42 | laconic Conversation
15:55 | The 1962 Pensacola Florida Sea Serpent Incident | Edward Brian McCleary
23:36 | Seneca Lake Monster Attack | 1899
24:47 | Pensacola Sea Monster | Story Continues
25:59 | Pensacola Sea Serpent | Skeptical Debate – David Goudsward
32:11 | Captain Hare, Trinity Shoal Lightship, Kills Behemoth | Story
34:24 | Washington Times, Henry Milligan, Steemer Aratus – sea serpent story
37:09 | Did Dragons Exist? Just Misidentified Dinosaur Bones?
39:50 | Chris’ Dino-Destruction Theory (Wizards)
41:07 | Expansion Preview – Time Slips and Glitches in Reality
47:54 | Skeptical Argument – Oarfish
48:55 | 1413 Catalonian Map | Mecia de Viladestes | Giant Fish Tales – Size of Islands
52:04 | Fall River Sea Monster Attack
1:07:15 | Historical Sea Serpent Corroboration
1:09:38 | Gloucester Sea Serpent Stories
1:12:09 | 1639 – Earliest North American Sea Monster Account | John Jocelyn Account
1:14:12 | Cassie Monster Encounter, 1779 Edward Preble
1:22:11 | SPECIAL PREVIEW – Expansion Improve Intro



Fall River family attacked by a sea monster |Terrifying Maine Eye Witness Account

Oarfish – Explanation for Florida attack? (Not Likely)

Turkey Lake monster (compelling evidence)

Interview with Loren Coleman | White striped Neck Matches Fall River Couple’s Description
News Center Maine


2.17 | Freaks of the Fog and Time Traveling Mists



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