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Scary Stories for Campfires, The Real Annabelle Doll and other Haunted Artifacts

Crack a cider or a beer, grab the bug spray and gather near, ’round the crackle of the flame, and join us as we do the same… ok, that rhyme was a little lame… but it’s an EXTRA SPOOKY, campfire-inspired episode of the Belief Hole Podcast! From stories and lore of the Banshee to infamous demonic dolls, we stoke the fire with true tales of nightmarish things. It’s that time of year, so come friend, have a seat by the fire.

Also.. Anus Thieving Japanese Demons,  Newtown Nightmares, the Warren Occult Museum and brother Jon learns new words.



00:09:26 | Ed and Laurain Warren introduction
00:16:37 | Urban Legends — Hook Man [STORY]
00:21:32 | Urban Legends — Don’t Turn on the Lights [STORY]
00:23:45 | Listener Story | Banshee in Upper Peninsula [STORY]
00:24:55 | Banshee Lore and Recordings
00:37:00 | Japanese Demon Lore
00:42:52 | the Real Story of Annabelle, the Haunted Doll [STORY]
01:02:01 | Conjuring Mirrors, Scrying and John Dee
01:07:30 | Patreon Stinger
01:11:44 | Satanism in Newtown
01:13:56 | Satanic Idol Found in Woods of Newtown [STORY]
01:18:45 | Church of Tiamat, Zecharia Sitchin’s Nibiru / Tiamat Planet Theory
01:22:43 | Wrap Up – Real Scary Stories




Glowing Lights (UFO) in Upper Peninsula : UFO or Banshee?:

Unexplained Lights - Upper Peninsula

Bake Kujira | Japanese Skeleton Ghost Whale:

Bake Kujira

Satanic Doll from Newtown – Warren Occult Museum:

Satanic Doll from Newtown - Warren Occult Museum







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