Satan and the Sleepover

A Demonic Form Chases Teen Friends


Date | Summer 1996
Location | Phoenix, Arizona


It was the 1990s, I was in third grade and living in Phoenix, Arizona. A friend’s birthday had us all gathered at his house for an overnight slumber party. The festivities were plenty. We played with snappers – small explosive powder wrapped in paper that detonated when thrown against a hard surface such as the driveway. There was a scavenger hunt too, where we split into teams with a list of common items and we would go door to door in the neighborhood to ask the neighbors for any of the items on the list. The first time to collect all of the items wins.

When the sun finally would set, we took the party inside for Mario Kart and 007 Golden Eye video games, and fort building too. We were 5 young boys with all of the energy in the world. After much cake, sour candies and soda was had, and the night grew later, we grew restless.

It was decided that we would go up on the roof of the house to hang out now. It was past midnight, I’m unsure of the exact hour. Now, the houses in this neighborhood in Arizona had flat roofs for a couple of reasons including minimal rain, cooling efficiency, and architectural traditions. There was also a sturdy, wooden ladder conveniently already set up in the backyard leading to the roof. So getting up there was easy, but we still did it quietly so as to not awaken his parents.

On the roof, we tip toe over to the front side of the house, and enjoy the view. The house sat on top of a hill overlooking the houses below. The residential street below us extended down the hill, peppered with the occasional orange-hued street light, not those bright LED street lights we have today. About a quarter mile down was a stop sign intersection.

As I rested my gaze on this stop sign intersection, a small, red orb of light caught my attention. I pointed this out to my friends on the roof with me, and we all found it peculiar. We decided it must be the tail light of a motorcycle. Due to it being night time, and the low light conditions provided by the sparse street lights, that seemed a reasonable conclusion. And so we ducked down low to stay out of view.

Instead, something unforgettable happened. This red orb of light began moving directly towards us, but there was no motorcycle. This thing began to morph into a new shape. It’s been almost 30 years and I still vividly remember this, it was so jarring. It morphed into what I can only describe as a childish caricature of the Devil incarnate and it was engulfed in a raging inferno. It looked like it had bright red skin, a tail, pitchfork, horns, and a cape. It seemed like it was using my childish version of what the Devil looked like to scare me. And I repeat, it was fully on fire and RUNNING toward us.

We scrambled across the roof to the backside, yeeted ourselves down the ladder, and went back inside the house and locked the door. It was over as quickly as it started.

Before all of this, we were obsessed with reading about the end times in the books Jude and Revelations in the Bible. I wonder if we were targeted by a demon somehow.

A few years ago I reconnected with an old friend who was there to ask if he remembered that night. He did. And so I am sure that it happened.

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