Road Reaper

Halloween Phantom Encounter


Shawn Spivey
Date | Halloween night
Location | Nisqually Indian reservation


It was Halloween night in the early 2000s. I was driving from Yelm to Olympia Washington going along W 507. I have lived in the area my entire life and know the area well. This route takes you through part of Fort Lewis and the Nisqually Indian reservation. I was the only one in the car and the only one on that stretch of road at the time. This area is mostly in a wooded area with a few clearings. It was in one of these clearings right as it shifts from Fort Lewis owned land to Nisqually owned land that I saw something that looked like a dark gray or Faded black sheet blowing across the road. It was partially balled up and partially extended out in front of the road. I slowed down partially out of curiosity and partially because I didn’t want to crash my car if this sheet landed across my windshield.

As i came to a crawl,  I watched this dark gray sheet unravel from being balled up, to slowly taking the form of a hooded cloak looking like either the Grim Reaper or a Wraith. It was completely dark and void inside the cloak but it clearly looked like something was wearing it. It looked in my direction as best I can tell seeing as it had no visible face and pointed a arm out towards me without their being a hand or fingers coming out of the sleeve. My first thought wasn’t one of fear but rather one of curiosity and being impressed. This was Halloween night after all so my train of thought was this is an amazing Halloween prop. How did they do it? Was it a projection? And why did they choose this random spot along the road to set it up? After a  few seconds of staring at this thing I continued on my way to the party. I asked a few friends who also drove that route from Yelm if they too had seen that decoration? None of them knew what I was talking about. A few hours later I was heading home on that same route and slowed down when I got to that area and saw nothing. My thought at this time was whoever set this up, they probably just shut it down for the night. The next few days I asked friends and family in the area if anyone saw or knew about this Wraith decoration set up on the reservation. No one knew anything. After that my mindset turned to what the Hell was that if it wasn’t a decoration or a projection?

I still drive thru there every day and have never seen it again. If it had happened on any other day than Halloween I probably would have been more concerned about seeing it. On Halloween you expect to be scared and expect to see fake ghost and goblins. So when something real comes along you don’t treat it like it’s real. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I truly enjoy y’alls podcast. I do have a few other strange experiences in  my life but this was the only one on Halloween. God Bless. “

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