Kind words from the people.

  • who ha who
    10/15/2019 - iTunes

    Funny yet interesting I am no where near a conspiracy guy but my crazy conspiracy driven sister got me started on it and I can’t stop listening to them. Even though I don’t... read more

    9/10/2018 - iTunes

    Belief Hole Believer Belief Hole is a great podcast that triggers magic within the soul. The witty banter is not only wildly entertaining, but enlightening as well. These men are incredible narrators that... read more

    Michael Berlin Avatar
    Michael Berlin
    7/23/2019 - Facebook

    These guys can go from being absolutely hilarious (another reviewer here mentions their great chemistry, which is 100% true) to brilliantly serious in the link of an eye. It's a... read more

    12/22/2019 - iTunes

    Love it!! So happy to have found this one! The guys are fun to listen to... funny banter but not overdone. The stories are creepy and interesting. One of my new faves!!

    2/15/2020 - iTunes

    10/10 would foil wrap my head again! Excited to see this show grow. You boys have the talent and the quality.

    11/14/2019 - iTunes

    Best podcast on the planet !! Hello everyone my name is Lex I’m From Florida, I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I know doing this while maintaining your... read more

    David Mcallister Avatar
    David Mcallister
    2/01/2019 - Facebook

    This is my favorite podcast. The banter is hilarious. It's well produced, well edited and the short sketches with Ranger Steve etc are brilliant 😂 🎵 This is valid news 😂

    Kills kill ben
    11/05/2018 - iTunes

    Superb Super knowledgeable and witty. Theses will give you the feels. Great podcast!

    Louis Stark Avatar
    Louis Stark
    2/13/2019 - Facebook

    Amazing production quality. Awesome hosts best podcast I have heard in a long time!

  • Todd O'Neil Avatar
    Todd O'Neil
    2/25/2020 - Facebook

    This is my favorite new podcast! I love the dynamic between the brothers and their topics are great.

    9/14/2019 - iTunes

    So Entertaining These guys educate you, make you laugh, entertain you, make you think, and just are genuinely fun to listen to. Keep it up guys; my husband and I love... read more

    Chelsea Lee Avatar
    Chelsea Lee
    1/16/2019 - Facebook

    I thoroughly enjoy listening to these guys. just recently discovered the podcast and have listened to it everyday for the last few days. It's fun, intriguing, and the perfect... read more

    8/26/2019 - iTunes

    Great Chemistry Love listening to these guys. The banter is great between the brothers and I like the open discussion concept. It doesn’t drag on and get boring. Keep the episodes coming!

    Kasandra Bykowicz Avatar
    Kasandra Bykowicz
    2/05/2020 - Facebook

    I have listened to a ton of true crime and paranormal podcasts, these guys are on a level all their own. They are talking about really creepy and scary topics... read more

    Ben Saffell Avatar
    Ben Saffell
    10/28/2018 - Facebook

    My new favorite thing! A must listen for anyone with interest in conspiracy theories and/or paranormal

    Dominic Lopez Avatar
    Dominic Lopez
    3/28/2019 - Facebook

    I never listened to podcasts till a buddy of mine referred me here to some awesome guy's that have like minded thoughts I have on a daily basis. There's so... read more

    11/19/2019 - iTunes

    All my holes are filled I have never gotten into another podcast more than a few episodes without either getting bored of the topic or bored of the hosts. Third one has totally consumed every... read more

    Kat Paris Avatar
    Kat Paris
    5/22/2019 - Facebook

    I look forward to listening to your guys's podcast everyday on my way to work/home. It truly is one of the best parts of my day! I have recommended you... read more

  • Dianalynn1227
    7/07/2019 - iTunes

    Great find My top fav podcast I have found so far...can’t wait for future episodes.

    Dylan VanWinkle Avatar
    Dylan VanWinkle
    3/30/2019 - Facebook


    Ole Schmeed here,Solid show, the boys do alot to keep on track and discuss in depth topics that you can tell they've done their home work on. Which makes for...
    read more

    Yelani Gamez Avatar
    Yelani Gamez
    8/31/2019 - Facebook

    The detail that you guys put into the show is amazing! I can listen to each episode Non-Stop. I've learned soooo much information off of each episode and not to... read more

    Lisa Munday Avatar
    Lisa Munday
    2/22/2020 - Facebook

    I just started listening and I live this podcast ! I am not a conspiracy theorist enthusiast (more of a skeptic) but I enjoy listening to weird stories (Dyatlov pass,... read more

    Taylor Berry Avatar
    Taylor Berry
    10/17/2019 - Facebook

    The most entertaining way I've recieved the most interesting theories and information! Much love to these brothers thanks for doing what you do guys! 👏😊

    Jollyface MC
    2/11/2020 - iTunes

    Excellent podcast! My friend recommended this to me and I am not disappointed. A fantastic podcast with great topics, I can’t wait for the next episode!

    4/06/2019 - iTunes

    Pay Attention To This One!!! This is a worthy podcast with a lot to offer. In a market saturated with podcasts covering conspiracies, the unusual and the paranormal it really stands out. These three brothers... read more

    8/22/2019 - iTunes

    Salty peanuts I’ve had salt before. Yamper damper. Damper do.

    Raven Braylark Avatar
    Raven Braylark
    5/03/2019 - Facebook

    I am new to Podcasts, but have skimmed through many at work trying to find something to keep me awake while I do boring Data Entry all day. Many have... read more

  • Corey Vandeweg Avatar
    Corey Vandeweg
    2/13/2020 - Facebook

    this show is great!! highly recommend listening to all the episodes and giving money to them!!

    5/31/2019 - iTunes

    Amazing amazing amazing. Great topics, hilarious sense of humor, great quality of sound which is something I really look for on the podcast I listen to. And the sound design is so well... read more

    11/12/2019 - iTunes

    Great Finally a show that presents the real facts about the moon landing hoax. So obvious we never went there or had the ability to. But so many people try... read more

    5/10/2019 - iTunes

    You have to listen! With the first episode I listened to the chatter and sometimes off topic banter was a bit off putting, but I liked the topics and wanted to stick with them.... read more

    8/21/2019 - iTunes

    A real Banterfest with great spooky topics My absolutely favorite Podcast. The back and forth between brothers who dive deep into parapsycrypleid topics! (yeah, I just made that word up)

    Thank y’all for your hard work..

    read more

    3/21/2018 - iTunes

    Informative, Entertaining and Evocative I’m curious about the nature of life, but not incredibly knowledgeable about unconventional theories about reality and the universe. Even though I have only heard 2 episodes I am definitely... read more

    7/24/2019 - iTunes

    Love these guys! Funny and entertaining. They discuss the weird, the freaky and the scary, but true world we are living in. They don’t pretend to know it all and it... read more

    7/08/2019 - iTunes

    Do yourself a favor and slip into this hole! Fun, Informative and very easy to sucked into! This podcast is great in the fact that these guys mesh very well and keep everything light hearted but expound upon the... read more

    2/08/2019 - iTunes

    Honest fella’s that make you laugh I like these guys. They have great chemistry and they’re very silly. I’m also into their outro and intro music.

  • Kas8983
    1/31/2020 - iTunes

    Very good I am very podcast picky and I love this podcast. they deliver the information you are listening for but they do it in a funny interesting way.

    4/11/2019 - iTunes

    Nice work fellas Interesting content, good pace, a dash of humor while still delivering substantive content and insights

    Sarah Fye Leonhard Avatar
    Sarah Fye Leonhard
    8/29/2018 - Facebook

    Very interesting & never boring! Love it!!

    8/01/2019 - iTunes

    So entertaining These guys are very entertaining to listen at all times. They cover many subjects that are extremely interesting and they do their research. All three have slightly different views, so... read more

    Amanda Christmas Avatar
    Amanda Christmas
    11/20/2019 - Facebook

    Well produced, funny and interesting.

    Cat Caporale Avatar
    Cat Caporale
    10/18/2019 - Facebook

    Great conversation! My brother, roommate, and I have daily conversations about the topics on this show. We are all absolutely hooked!

    7/04/2019 - iTunes

    Do it. I’ve fallen into the hole. The thoughts and theory’s explored have enhanced the dull reality that I live in. I need more. Make more stuff, Brothers...make more stuff.

    Jodi Young Avatar
    Jodi Young
    3/01/2020 - Facebook

    Love you guys show! It’s hilarious and very interesting topics!

    Reina Miguel Avatar
    Reina Miguel
    3/05/2020 - Facebook

    I've tried some other paranormal podcasts (mostly when these guys are on their break or in between episodes) but I always come back to the belief hole. The brothers banter... read more

  • Nicole Rice Avatar
    Nicole Rice
    10/30/2018 - Facebook

    I love, love, love this podcast! I find myself laughing out loud over and over again. Very interesting topics that just might make you believe in things you never thought... read more

    Julie Garcia Avatar
    Julie Garcia
    8/14/2019 - Facebook

    it touches on interesting topics while remaining funny when it needs to and serious when it needs to. The guys also have a great dynamic together making it a great... read more

    Patrick Murrin Avatar
    Patrick Murrin
    12/09/2019 - Facebook

    I've listened to a lot of similar topic podcasts but these dudes are like none other. Definitely worth a listen! Can't wait for new ones!!

    Cassandra Bubalou King Avatar
    Cassandra Bubalou King
    2/25/2019 - Facebook

    These guys are hilarious & do their research!!! Well put together.

    A breath of fresh air has now blown into the conspiracy/paranormal scene. I just recently found them & I have...
    read more

    10/09/2018 - iTunes

    ***** Great job guys! You’re hilarious and informative...don’t change anything

    For The Love of Lore
    10/22/2019 - iTunes

    What a show, what a show! Everything about this show does it for me. From the sibling banter, I have three siblings and our conversations go A LOT like these brothers, to the topics, to the... read more

    Chris Atkins Avatar
    Chris Atkins
    11/29/2018 - Facebook

    love these guys. Its a new show . if you hunger for a funny,fun, and creepy trip down the rabbit hole these guys are your go to guys.

    1/24/2019 - iTunes

    Thank you for doing moon hoax My daughter is 11 and I just blew her mind over the last week talking to her about the moon “landing”. Amazingly I just found this podcast and we were... read more

    Audra King Avatar
    Audra King
    1/25/2019 - Facebook

    I absolutely loooove this podcast! I can't get enough! I listen to them every day while getting ready for work and always walk away feeling enlightened and inspired. They... read more

  • Jonfromaustin
    3/20/2018 - iTunes

    Fun show, good chemistry! If you like conspiracies, paranormal, or other alternative ideas you should check this out.

    8/07/2019 - iTunes

    It’s rampant and pervasive!!! This is, hands down, the best podcast with thought provoking, mysterious, and “all things creepy” news and stories happening in our “present reality”. It’s hilarious, intelligent, and binge-worthy. As a... read more

    Mark Cooper Avatar
    Mark Cooper
    3/21/2019 - Facebook

    Fun little podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Dogman and  Fear Eaters: Windows to Other worlds

Dogman and Fear Eaters: Windows to Other worlds

The leaves are turning, the bonfires burning, and the shadows are pregnant with unsettling Halloween mystery. It’s that time of year again. What better time to tell some creepy tales of the modern-day werewolf: the dogman. With sightings increasing, we wanted to once again explore the potential reality of the dogman phenomenon through witness encounters as well as corroborated historical evidence, with some ancient artifacts thrown in for good measure.

What are these things which seem so real to those who witness them yet seem to vanish into thin air? Almost never do we hear of an encounter where the dogman has harmed a human. Nay! The primary goal of these questionably-corporeal canine cryptids seem to be to elicit maximum fear from the victim before vanishing into the night. Could these creatures be simply feeding on our darkest energies produced during an extreme state of terror? And have these fear-eating, terror-tasters been engorging themselves on our fear, and the fright of our ancestors throughout recorded history?

Join us as we answer all these questions to absolute and unquestioned satisfaction… as much as possible based on the evidence we’ve been able to gather. Hint…. THEY’RE REAL!

read more
The Glimmer Man, Invisible Entity Encounters, and ITEs

The Glimmer Man, Invisible Entity Encounters, and ITEs

As the leaves begin to shiver and thin, so does the veil between our world and others.. Let us guide you into an anomalous autumn with new and true Strange Listener Stories! From roadside run-ins with malformed beasts to ghostly jailhouse revenge, this episode creeps its way into the Halloween season with an unsettling grin;).

Also.. Secret House Guests, Abduction Discussions, and And Jeremy’s Bloody Socks

read more
Strange Listener Stories 4

Strange Listener Stories 4

As the leaves begin to shiver and thin, so does the veil between our world and others.. Let us guide you into an anomalous autumn with new and true Strange Listener Stories! From roadside run-ins with malformed beasts to ghostly jailhouse revenge, this episode creeps its way into the Halloween season with an unsettling grin;).

Also.. Secret House Guests, Abduction Discussions, and And Jeremy’s Bloody Socks

read more


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