A Daughter Remembers a Past Farm Life


Cristal Hagen
Date | 2000-2002
Location | Belleville Mi.


My oldest daughter was born in 1997. When she was 3, she started telling myself, my mother, and my husband that she “Missed her other mommy”, and “Wanted her other grandma she had before nana”. I thought it would pass, but it didn’t, and until she was almost 5, she continued to say these things, and even went to school telling her teacher how much she “missed her other mommy so so much she was sad” causing the teacher to reach out and basically inquire if I was in fact her mother, without actually asking the question. She told us she didn’t have another daddy, and her other mommy was sad about that, but never said why, and that her other grandma lived with her mommy, but she didn’t have another grandpa.

They lived in a little house with a very big yard that had a red barn with sheep and brown barn with chickens. Her “other mommy had yellow hair and blue eyes and didn’t look like me.” Those are very haunting words from a toddler that still give me chills to remember because there were times when she would have those toddler fits and sometimes yell things like “you’re not my mom!”

Then one day, she just stopped talking about it, and when she was asked, had no real memory of it. She’s almost 26 now and says she can remember talking about it when she was little, but can’t remember the specific details she would describe about the people and surroundings she talked about in such great detail. At the time, I had no idea there were other people in the world with similar stories, and really can’t thank you guys enough for sharing everyone’s unique stories. I love listening to them.

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