In my early twenties I was unfortunately in an abusive relationship. I lived with this man and his two dogs, along with my own dog Molly. This man loved his female dog but hated his male dog (I’ll call him Loki) and would be very cruel to him. Myself and Loki bonded in adversity and he wouldn’t leave my side. Eventually I escaped this relationship but could only take Molly with me. I had to leave Loki behind and almost thirty years later I’m still on the verge of years as I write that. About 13 years ago, I adopted an adult dog called Flash. I have a feeling he was being abused by the husband of the lady I took him from. His eyes were the same as Loki’s and he loved me like Loki did. He was a big dog and very protective of me. To be honest, he was difficult to manage and it was becoming apparent that I would probably have to rehome him so he could get the life he deserved. I loved him and the guilt I was feeling was huge. One morning, after I’d had him for a couple of years, he got out of my yard. I lived on a busy road and it was rush hour with cars speeding past continuously. Flash trotted towards the road and stood at the end of my driveway seemingly transfixed either by the passing cars, or by something I couldn’t see on the other side of the road (just a grassy bank and an empty field as far as I was aware). I didn’t want to shout or run towards him as I was sure that would result in him dashing into traffic. Instead, I stayed calm (well, pretended to) and called to him in a ‘jolly’ way encouraging him to come to me for a snack. After what felt like hours, but was probably only a minute, Flash looked away from whatever had so entranced him, turning his head to look at me over his shoulder. We made and held eye contact for a few moments and I knew he wasn’t going to come back to me. He wagged his tail and stepped into the traffic. He was killed instantly. I truly believe Loki had found me in his next (one of his next?) life and the time he spent with me was the long goodbye we never got to have when I was forced to leave him behind. I feel he knew it was time to go and rather than me having to leave him again, he decided to make his own way to where Good Dogs go and wait for me there. I’m so sorry to hear about Jake. They break our hearts but I’m absolutely certain we reunite somehow as we continue our journey onwards. All the best to you all, Lainey.

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