I had a cat growing up named Elix. We picked her out of a litter for my 8th birthday, she was the runt and I felt drawn to her for that reason. She was my best friend and helped me through a lot of dark and traumatic times. I also suffer from chronic illness. Anytime I was feeling particularly bad she would always come to me and comfort me by laying on my chest. She was an indoor/outdoor cat and would always come home when I needed her, like she could sense it even from far away. I wouldn’t say we ever spoke directly in a telepathic way but I felt indescribably linked to her.
She passed away due to a brain tumor when I was 19. I had lost my best friend, or so I thought. She showed up to me in dreams, always with a theme of her feeling lost or forgotten. It broke my heart. After some time though, I started seeing shadows that looked like her out of the corner of my eye. I would also have times of laying in bed, feeling particularly bad, when suddenly there would be the feeling of something jumping onto the bed and a pressure on my chest. I knew it was her, that she had found me again. These moments comforted me for a few years, until one day they suddenly stopped happening. I figured she had finally moved on.
Shortly after, a few months perhaps, a friend of a friend was trying to sell puppies they had accidentally had. We already had two dogs and weren’t planning on getting any more. But, once we saw the state one of the puppies was in we had to rescue him. He was the runt of the litter, skinny, dirty, and sickly. So we took him home.
As he grew up I felt that same connection with him as I did with her. He started clearly sensing when my chronic illness would flare up. And he would crawl onto me and lay on my chest. He would look into my eyes the same way she did. I don’t know how to describe it other than just simply knowing. I believe wholeheartedly that my cat was reincarnated and is now living a new life, as my dog.

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